• Web Services EXPO Thursday, January 31, 2002 - 03:00PM
    SDForum Center
    111 West St. John, Suite 200
    San Jose,, CA 95113
    Web Apps & E-Commerce

Web Services EXPO



  • Moving Incrementally Towards Web Services Solutions. Hear from CTOs about successful customer implementations and network with leading web services players. Sponsored by BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Actional, AltoWeb, Grand Central, New Iron Systems, Sonic Software and more.

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    Event Sponsors

    Gold Sponsors

    BEA IBM Microsoft


    Silver Sponsors

    Actional AltoWeb Grand Central NewIron Systems Sonic Software


    Bronze Sponsors

    Collaxa | DevelopNET | eBiz Portals | FileFish

    Isomorphic Software | NOCpulse, Inc. | The Igneous Group


    Event Overview

    By now you've heard a web services pitch or two and know how easy it is promising to make our lives. IT Managers are promised cost efficiencies through streamlined application integration and reduced reliance on highly skilled software engineers. Developers are presented with architecture overviews and web services concepts. But the question on everyone's mind is “How is this really going to play out and where should we start?”

    Come hear the experts explain how their clients approached a first time web services implementation. Learn their process methodologies for staging these projects and their ideas on where best to apply web services solutions. Gain some insight into where these pioneers will take their solutions in the next generation and beyond.


    3:30-3:50 Brent Sleeper, (bio) Principal, The Stencil Group
    4:00-4:20 Adam Gross, (bio) VP Product Marketing, Grand Central
    4:30-4:50 Rick Kuzyk, (bio) Technical Evangelist, Sonic Software
    5:00-5:20 Krishnan Srinivasan, (bio) CTO, New Iron Systems
    5:30-5:50 Dan Foody, (bio) CTO, Actional
    6:00-6:20 Stephen Wilkes, (bio) Principal Technologist, AltoWeb
    6:30-7:00 Alay Desai, (bio) Technology Evangelist, Microsoft
    7:15-7:45 Rodney Smith, (bio) VP Emerging Technology, IBM
    8:00-8:30 Byron Sebastian, (bio) Director Product Management, BEA


    Open expo throughout the afternoon and evening where participants go table-to-table to gather information on service providers and learn about different customer implementations.

    In the main conference room, attendees can listen to brief formal presentations on different web services implementations and use these presentations to inform their ongoing discussions. The highlight of the event will be evening presentations from the gold sponsors 6:30-8:30pm, when the anticipated attendance will be highest.



    Attendees of this Expo will leave with the key information they need to evolve their applications to include web services technology. During this six hour showcase, leading Web Services solution providers will illustrate how to start implementing web services solutions leveraging their products and services.



    Developers, technology entrepreneurs, and IT managers who understand web services and are now ready to work through the logistics of evolving portions of their applications to include web services technology.


    Event Co-Chairs:

    Kate Gardner

    David Nielsen, Persistent Web Technologies


    Event Logistics


    SDForum Center

    111 West St. John, Suite 200

    San Jose, CA 95113


    Cost: At the Door

    $30 SDForum Members & SDForum Affiliates*

    $60 Non-members

    *Affiliates include: Churchill Club, FWE, SVASE & WTC Members