Web Apps SIG: Using XSL to Build Database Web Applications





    Roger Kovack, Web Application Architect


    Presentation Overview

    Using XSL to Build Database Web Applications

    XML and XSL create a new way of building database connected web applications. By changing the way we have looked at current uses of XML, the door opens to a creative way of using it to enable a new programming paradigm for building web applications. The focus of this approach is the use of XSL to build the content, presentation and user interface.

    This approach does not apply XML as a way to communicate between businesses nor a document structure for storage and retrieval. XML is used here as a container for the data content and application state that then is used for transformation by the XSL engine on the server. With this approach, all the guts of the application is developed in the XSL language. The benefit is the ease of use for people that are versed in HTML and don’t have experience in Java or VB. That means the web page developers and site producers can maintain and enhance their application without the need of highly specialized programmers.

    What’s more, this architecture rides on top of any new or current web application based on JSP or ASP. That means it doesn’t need a proprietary application server. But even more important, it means that the very same XSL code can run on both a Java and a Microsoft platform. To prove the point that this is a reality today, a sample application will be shown running on Jrun, along with a high level code description.

    This presentation will be of interest to both hard-core web application programmers and also managers and team leads that want a view of a new architecture that will change the way people build and maintain applications.

    About the Presenter

    Roger Kovack

    Roger Kovack is a web application architect with over 25 years of software experience. After following the client/server architecture to it’s point of pain with heavy client deployment, he became interested in delivering corporate information systems as web applications. Pursuing this line of interest included consulting to a major B2B web exchange builder and a top web portal. Highly configurable applications that track constantly changing business needs is of prime importance in his application design and code.


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