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    Shelley Powers, Consultant - Burning Bird Corporation

    Presentation Overview

    At its simplest, the Resource Description Framework (RDF) can be considered an approach to using XML to record metadata about Web resources. However, RDF's scope goes beyond being just a specification used to record information -- it can be used for everything from interchanging data between businesses, implementing calendaring systems, to providing the smarts for smart Web agents.

    In this talk, Shelley will provide demonstrations of RDF and discuss what this specification means to you and your Web-based development.

    Speaker Profile

    Shelley Powers

    Shelley Powers is a consultant/author with her own company, The Burning Bird Corporation, which she recently relocated to San Francisco, California.

    In the last several years, Shelley has been a senior software engineer/technology architect on a variety of distributed and Web-based applications. In addition, she has authored or coauthored books and articles on ASP, P2P, C#, WAP, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, Java/J2EE, CGI, Perl, general Web technologies and more, including "Developing ASP Components, 2nd Edition", and the upcoming "A Practical Introduction to RDF", both for O'Reilly.


    Levi Plaza
    1155 Battery
    San Francisco, CA 94105


    5:30-6:15pm registration/networking/refreshments
    6:15-8:00pm program


    $10 for non-SDForum Members
    No charge for SDForum members and students with ID
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