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  • Topic: Opportunities and emerging areas in Multichannel ECommerce

    Speakers: Cathy Chiu: Partner - Opero Parners, Andreas Ehn: Co-founder & CTO - Wrapp, Ramneek Bhasin: Vice President of Product Management - TheFind.com, Peri Kadaster: Co-founder - Coffee Table

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    Until recently, Multichannel E-commerce was driving sales, customer communications, and product search across multiple marketing and selling channels such as, online stores, search, affiliates, market places, comparison engines, and more...

    Today, the revolution of mobile commerce and social media open new business opportunities deeply impacting established e-commerce channels.

    From a consumer vantage point, consumers do not distinguish between multiple channels. They expect to find the brands and products they want wherever and whenever they please. Brian Walker, from Forrester, even goes further saying multichannel e-commerce is no longer relevant. Instead, he opines that the connected consumers will seamlessly interact with the company through a series of touch points (e.g. retail, social, Internet, etc) - no longer tied to a specific channel.  So, while their search criteria are still dominated by value and price, consumers now factor in convenience and user experience when interacting with the retailer’s touch points. This shift in consumer preference is disrupting the incumbents within the retail sectors and providing new opportunities for a new generation of sellers.

    Consulting companies are advising retailers to organize themselves along customer micro-segments that have become available via fine-grained user data from multiple touch points. Traditional sectors like grocery stores and luxury brands are now fully on board or rapidly investing in the multichannel way. Online brands are setting up shop and acquiring market share from new markets and incumbents. Retailers, especially those who have a brand presence, are capitalizing on the finding that their online websites are a major source of customer purchase information even when compared to search engines (e.g., Google vs. Amazon).

    Our panelists will help us to examine facets and trends of these new marketing and selling channels, including: Facebook stores, Twitter ads, products aggregators for mobile, etc. As always, we will host a VC panelist who will share their feedback on what they are looking for, and emerging business models. We will also feature emerging companies who will share how these multiple channels are adding value to their bottom line.

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