Web 2.0 SIG: New Frontiers of Social Gaming



  • Title: New Frontiers of Social Gaming

    Gaming has started taking center stage in technology and business conversations, and in particular social games are becoming very popular following Zynga's success. But no longer are games just for entertainment. Serious games are now being applied for many other aspects of life and business across industries such as healthcare, education/learning, defense, etc. This SVForum event will showcase innovative applications of social gaming in non-game industries, a discussion of the current state of the Gaming industry and its larger ecosystem, opportunities, and an up-to-date view of current VC investment in this exciting space. Some questions we'll try to address are: Is it too late or too small an opportunity for startups or even large publishers to pursue social gaming? How about the rise of midcore social gaming, gamification and other emerging genres for social gaming 2.0? Why isn't there a Zynga of mobile? How can you use game mechanics to impact and incentive positive human behavior?


    6:30-7:00pm Registration / Food & Drink / Networking

    7:00–8:15pm Presentations

    8:15-9:00pm Panel discussion and Q&A