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  • What are the metrics? How do we obtain them? How do we act upon realtime loss of our web service product? How do we insure we deliver what the customer wants?


    William Jolitz (bio), President - Valux


    Presentation Overview

    Issues in Deployment of Wireless Web Services

    Web services appearing on wireless devices such as cell phones and PDAs offer the potential to address a larger audience then earlier Internet technologies. Large scale 3G wireless networks in Japan and more recently Korea hold the promise of reaching that audience with a rich experience.

    To meet the demands of the professional, web services must be far more reliable and dependable than currently available. They must combine the effectiveness of the desktop, the convenience of wireless, and the reliability of the enterprise all in one.

    Deploying high valued webservices in a wireless environment is an all or nothing proposition - you must deliver on it to keep a loyal customer. The issues may range from hostile EMI environments for industrial 802.11b services, to application latency in agreggating multivendor results, to platform/handset issues in the served base, and finally to service coverage issues with specific providers. This expectation of service quality is key to customer adoption of the product and monetization of the service. What are the metrics, how do we obtain them, and how do we act upon realtime loss of our web service product -In short, how do we insure we deliver what the customer wants?

    A software framework that provides for reliability and embedded monitoring is a critical part of the deployment story. With it, customer quality is maintained while challenges to the service are communicated back to the developers. Concurrent service improvement is possible so that a deployment can recover from the inevitable "soft failures" during rollout. Such a framework is described in my article on "Web Services in Datacenter Environments" in this April's edition of Dr. Dobbs Journal.


    About the Presenter


    William Jolitz, President at Valux

    William most recently served as senior executive of an international managed service provider, and in various capacities planned and deployed multiple large scale datacenters, global NOC, and joint service operations with international partners. Under his watch, his development staff designed novel products to empower customers with real-time access and control of services.

    William has founded and served in executive positions at InterProphet Corporation, Tandem Computers, Commerceflow, and Symmetric Computer Systems. He consults to major corporations in business and technical strategy. He was the architect of the first open source Berkeley Unix releases. He is a widely-read international author.


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