• WS SIG: SOA Blueprints Tuesday, July 27, 2004 - 07:00PM
    Microsoft Main Campus
    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1
    Mountain View, CA
    Web Apps & E-Commerce

WS SIG: SOA Blueprints



  • The Monthly Meeting of the WS SIG



    Steve Wilkes, Middleware Company


    Presentation Overview

    Released for public review by The Middleware Company in May, SOA Blueprints is an industry effort designed to help corporations more easily and affordably build applications using service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA Blueprints highlights best practices through GeneriCo, a fictitious organization, described in a functional and behavioral specification to demonstrate how SOA can solve real-world issues. In addition, SOA blueprints aims to create a common vocabulary to discuss SOA in an architecturally neutral way by defining high level concepts. Since its public release, over 30,000 people have downloaded the specifications, and more than 20 companies have signed up as supporters. During this presentation you will learn about this effort, the applications defined in the specification and how you can get involved in this exciting endeavor.


    About the Presenter

    Steve Wilkes

    Steve Wilkes is a Senior Middleware Maven with The Middleware Company. His main responsibilities include the research and management of TMC Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) initiatives. He is the leader of SOA Blueprints, the industry's only initiative designed to produce a set of best practice blueprints for companies adopting SOA. In this capacity, Steve works with the industry's brightest minds and most visible organizations including Microsoft, PayPal, Iona, BEA and VERITAS.

    Prior to joining TMC, Steve was Principal Technologist at AltoWeb where he designed and architected the product, evangelized J2EE and SOAs and was an advisor to UDDI.org. With 15 years of middleware experience, Steve has experienced all facets of software development, the business of software and the environments of consultancies, product companies, startups and large enterprises.

    Steve is a frequent speaker at international conferences and trade shows. He holds a M.Eng in Microelectronics and Software Engineering from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK.


    Event Logistics


    Microsoft Main Campus

    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1

    Mountain View, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza

    7:00-9:00pm presentations and discussion



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