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    Real time Social Media Monitoring and Marketing




    Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook plus millions of blog sites have enabled consumers to react to your products/service/brands in real time. How do you leverage on this real time interactions on social media? This event brings a panel of experts to share their experience in succesful social medial marketing and new real time social media monitoring/marketing tools.




    Are you ready to engage with your customers in more effective ways? Online consumer conversations offer companies the opportunity to realize increased customer satisfaction & loyalty, shortened sales & product development cycles, expanded markets, competitive insight & more. Social media monitoring tools offer the opportunity to effectively identify the conversations, communities, and the influencers. But it takes more than tools, there needs to be a person responsible for this engagement and the social media tools. Connie Bensen from Techrigy (Alterian) will discuss the new marketing opportunities that exist & how your business can leverage them.

    Jochen Frey from Scout Labs will present the Scout Labs' monitoring platform, including some of the benefits and typical uses cases. He will also give a high level technical overview with a discussion of the challenges in dealing with the rapidly changing landscape presented by the social media.

    Keith Kilpatrick from BuzzLogic will share how the rise of social platforms have transformed the digital media business and discuss the impact social monitoring/analytics have on making online advertising more effective and efficient. He will also provide insight into how BuzzLogic's conversational media platform helps target and measure advertising across sites engaged in conversations around specific topics.









    6:30pm - 6:50pm  Registration / Networking / Refreshments / Pizza 




    6:50pm - 7:00pm  Introduction by AJ Chen (Moderator)
    7:00pm - 7:30pm  How to leverage social media for building customer community, by Connie Bensen




    7:30pm - 8:00pm  Scout Labs' real time monitoring platform, by Jochen Frey




    8:00pm - 8:30pm  BuzzLogic's conversational media platform, by Todd Parsons




    8:30pm - 9:00pm  Joint Q&A.





    Speaker Bio:

    Connie Bensen, Director of Community Strategy,  Techrigy (Alterian)





    Connie Bensen is a leading authority on cultivating online communities and contributes to best practices for this emerging role. She also provides mentorship and inspires others to pursue this new career. Connie is the Director of Community Strategy at Techrigy, an Alterian Company. She is also a 2009 Fellow with the Society of New Communications Research and speaks at leading social media conferences. Connie blogs at, & She has previously worked with Network Solutions, Inc and ACD Systems. Prior to joining ACD Systems, Connie spent 9 years on the brick and mortar side of community building in public library administration, marketing & PR.

    Jochen Frey,  CTO, Scout Labs


    Jochen Frey is the CTO for Scout Labs and brings significant technical leadership and experience in scalable systems development and natural language processing to the organization.  As CTO of Meaningful Machines for 5 years, Mr. Frey managed a combined onshore/offshore research and development team to launch the highest quality machine translation system (Spanish to English, with high quality prototypes for other languages including Arabic and French).  He architected and oversaw implementation of a high performance, failure tolerant message passing infrastructure and developed a high-speed distributed full text index.  Prior to Meaningful Machines, Frey was the Director of Technology for the Eastern Region at Razorfish (previously iCube), architecting and overseeing numerous large-scale systems implementations.  His past experience also includes software engineering for the US Navy and IBM, Germany.  Mr. Frey holds a MS / Diplom Ingenieur in Computer Science and Medicine from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

    Keith Kilpatrick, Director of Product Management, BuzzLogic

    Keith is a seasoned product innovation veteran with over 10 years of experience leading technical teams in the delivery of online advertising and technology systems. At BuzzLogic, Keith is responsible for executing on the company vision of leveraging socially charged content for effective ad targeting, performance and data analysis. Prior to joining BuzzLogic, Keith worked at Adify, where he drove the delivery of a web-based platform for media companies and vertical advertising networks. Keith has held numerous positions in technology platform companies such as Blue Martini Software, SeeSaw Networks and Adobe. Keith started his career in consulting at Ernst and Young, holds a MBA from UC Berkeley, where he served as Class President, and also has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.




    AJ Chen - Technical Architect, Healthline Networks Inc.



    AJ Chen, Ph.D., is an advocate of semantic web and digital health. As a Technical Architect at Healthline, he applies semantic technology in developing healthcare search engine for consumers. He has founded SDForum Semantic Web SIG to showcase how semantic technology and NLP are making the Web and social media more intelligent. Working with open communities, AJ brings social media content and semantic analysis together on website, which enables users to follow and talk about topics in real time.  From 2000 to 2006, Dr. Chen had been developing new genome sequencing technologies for personalized medicine, playing technical and product management roles at Hyseq, Callida Genomics, and Complete Genomics. Previously, Dr. Chen worked with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Barry Marshall to commercialize new medical innovations in China. Dr. Chen earned his Ph. D. in Biochemistry from U. of Utah and did postdoctoral research after joining Harvard Medical School and Duke Medical School.

    Cubberley Community Center
    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1
    Palo Alto, CA 94105

    6:45-7:00 Doors open. Networking. Pizza.
    7:00-9:00 Presentations

    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members
    No charge for SDForum members
    No registration required