Semantic Web SIG: Hacking the Semantics of Twitter



  • Topic: Hacking the Semantics of Twitter

    We want to do something different for the July 1st event. In stead of having company executives to present, we would like to give the stage to developers to showcase their projects of using NLP/semantics for cool applications. Since Twitter is the most popular topic these days and they are so generously opening their data stream to third-party developers, I think it will serve as the best theme for this developer-focused event.

    We would like to invite all developers and companies to submit proposal for speaking on the event. Any cool twitter application is welcome, including personal projects actively pursued by developers or entrepreneurs. Preference will be given to applications that apply NLP, semantic technology, text mining, or data mining to make use of twitter data/api.  The presentation should be focused on application design, coding and demo.

    Doug Williams from Twitter API team will first introduce Twitter API. Then, it is showtime for developers. Each speaker gets only 20 min to present/demo/QA so that more projects can be accommodated on this 2-hour event.


    If you are doing some cool stuff with twitter data, please send us a description on what you would like to talk about. We’ll review the proposals and announce the lineup at the end of month.


    Registration / Networking / Refreshments / Pizza

    Doug Williams: Twiiter API introduction.

    Kevin Boer: Where are the breaking news in Twitter conversation?

    AJ Chen: Using Open Calais and openNLP tools to study tweets in real time.

    Christopher Peri: Managing incoming tweets.

    Patrick Nicolas: Real-time semantic dashboard for Twitter

    Sid Gabriel Hubbard: "tweegeo" joining LOD with twitter users.


    You do not need to pre-register.
    Members attend free; Non-Members $15.00