• Delphi SIG: WebSnap Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 06:45PM
    Valley Orchards
    2100 East Washington
    Petaluma, CA 94954
    Web Apps & E-Commerce

Delphi SIG: WebSnap



  • ...from start to finish!



    John Howard - John D. Howard Software


    Presentation Overview

    WebSnap -- from start to finish!

    John Howard will present "WebSnap -- From Start to Finish". WebSnap is the "next generation web application framework" included with Delphi 6 Enterprise that brings the strengths of Rapid Application Development to web development. The Delphi Magazine and Delphi Informant hail WebSnap as the "state of the art" in website application development.

    John will explain the architecture of WebSnap, demonstrate how to use it, and showcase the website he authored using WebSnap, InterBase, and deployed on Apache, to augment his KwikFinder automotive product catalog desktop application.

    John will answer all questions at the special holiday session to be held at Dempsey's Alehouse immediately after the meeting.


    About the Presenter

    John Howard

    John Howard, owner of John D. Howard Software, has developed business applications professionally since 1975 after getting his MBA degree at USC and BS degree at UCLA in Computer Science. John has authored custom and commercial business solutions for more companies and industries than he can remember and on platforms ranging from mainframes to the web. After starting a career path in the 70s in on Burroughs/Unisys mainframes, John acquired Borland Turbo Pascal version 1 for his home PC and gradually moved his career from mainframe development to LAN, Windows, and eventually web development with InterBase and Delphi since its first release. John D. Howard Software employs up to 12 subcontractors for turnkey solution development.


    Event Logistics


    Valley Orchards

    2100 East Washington

    Petaluma, CA 94954



    6:45-7:15pm registration/networking/refreshments

    7:15-8:45pm presentation and discussion



    $10 for non-SDForum Members

    No charge for SDForum members and students with ID

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