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  • I've built a successful business. Where do I go from here?

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    Kevin Kemmerer, Kennet Venture Partners
    Zarko Draganic, Founder, AltoCom, Inc.


    Presentation Overview

    In the bull market of the 90s, companies built on “sweat-equity” found themselves shunned in favor of high-growth, new economy start-ups. Today, these businesses are being recognized as following the more prudent development path­the same one taken by many of technology’s established leaders of today.

    When building a start-up, founders who choose bootstrapping can build a stronger, more independent company. However, bootstrapping can also introduce significant challenges as the business grows. Raising capital at the right time can transform a company's growth rate and lay the foundation for sustained, manageable growth.

    Today, CEOs of successful, bootstrapped companies find themselves at a crossroad: how can they best take advantage of the market upturn when faced with a limited capital base. Do they stay the course? Do they accelerate sales growth? Do they liquidate their stakes? Challenged by growth constraints yet determined to drive their companies forward, these business leaders are increasingly turning to equity partners to build value and fund growth.

    Join Kevin Kemmerer of Kennet Venture Partners and representatives from successful, bootstrapped companies for our November program that will look at:

    • Why bootstapping helps to create a successful company
    • Bootstrapping strategies that work
    • Financing for growth in bootstrapped companies
    • When is the best time to accelerate growth?
    • Steps to achieve managed, sustainable growth
    • ROI analysis of current sales model for scalability potential

    About the Speakers

    Kevin Kemmerer

    Kevin, a director of Kennet Venture Partners, leads the firm's North American software and software services investment activity. Prior to joining Kennet, he spent three years with Broadview International's Software Services & Media global market group, where he co-led Broadview's Silicon Valley team focused on transactions in the eBusiness applications market. Previously, Kevin worked as a management consultant for Deloitte & Touche. Earlier, he worked as a software developer for Salomon Brothers. Kevin holds an MBA degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BE degree from Vanderbilt University.

    About Kennet Venture Partners

    Kennet invests in growth companies providing information technology products and business services that leverage information technology. Kennet serves Europe and the US with offices in London and Silicon Valley. Typically the lead investor and often the first professional investor in a private company, Kennet usually committs between $5 million and $15 million per investment, or more in syndication with our investment partners. The firm focuses on maturing businesses tackling growth markets with a successful revenue history and sales ranging from $5 million to $50 million annually. Kennet's investments can fund sales growth, new product lines, acquisitions, and/or provide liquidity to existing shareholders.

    Zarko Draganic

    Zarko Draganic is the former president and CEO of AltoCom, Inc., a bootstrapped embedded modem software provider that was acquired by Broadcom for $175 million in 1999. Zarko, who started the company in 1996 after it spun-out from General Magic, grew revenues to $20 million and achieved profitability within one year without outside funding. Prior to founding AltoCom, Zarko held various positions in software engineering and management at General Magic, Nortel and Apple. He holds an MS in EECS from Stanford University. Today, when he isn't on the water engaged in a yacht race, Zarko provides expertise to entrepreneurs also building bootstrapped companies.



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