VC One-on-One Coaching with Brendon Kim





    VC One-on-One Coaching with Brendon Kim, Altos Ventures

    Overview This is a unique series where you can have individual meetings with a top venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. These meetings are designed to help founders and CEO’s of early stage companies identify partnerships, obtain industry insight and perspective, and exchange relevant ideas and contacts.

    These 30 minutes 1 on 1 sessions are not to be perceived as a funding exercise, but more of a discussion session that promises to be good use of an entrepreneur’s time.

    If you are an entrepreneur or a CEO of an early stage company, please submit a one page summary of your business for selection.

    To sign up, please email Amanda Orrin

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    Brendon Kim, General Partner and Co-Founder, Altos Ventures. Brendon Kim is a General Partner and co-founder of Altos Ventures, focusing on investments in the areas of wireless communications and enterprise software. He currently serves as a director of BrandersEdgenuityDigitalPathNew VineScoutMetrics, and Vapro. Brendon has also served as a director of Bluedot Software (acquired by Ambassadors International), Egreetings (EGRT, acquired by American Greetings) and Enwisen

    Before joining Altos Ventures in 1996, Brendon was a management consultant at CSC Index. He led executive teams in strategy development, marketing, and re-engineering projects that resulted in dramatic revenue and productivity improvements. His clients included Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications, media and healthcare industries. Before CSC Index, Brendon worked at Procter & Gamble and Coopers & Lybrand.

    Brendon serves on the board of the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC) and is a founding director and former president of the Korean American Society of Entrepreneurs KASE). He is also a former director and current advisor of the Korean IT Network (KIN). Brendon received an MBA from Stanford University and a BA from Princeton University.



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