Tech Womens Program: Mothers of Invention



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    Innovation is at the heart of every great problem solution and advances for humankind. With the current economic crisis, innovation is the answer doing more with less.  What is true innovation and can you learn to "do it on demand"?  Is this a skill you learn and, therefore, able to teach or is it an ability you are born with? Do women and men innovate differently? Is there more resistance to women innovators and if so, how can you make this work for you? 

    In this lively panel, women who have been successful innovators will share their experiences, focusing on their secrets for success. We will cover:

    • Necessary steps to maximize your ability to innovative 
    • What all great innovators have in common
    • Creating an atmosphere that encourages innovation
    • Reducing resistance to innovation
    • Creating your "innovation plan"
    • Time for Q & A

    Moderator:  Laura Erkeneff

    Laura, founder of Training for Techies, Inc, has over 20 years experience in leadership development, training, coaching, organization development, and building leadership programs for technical professionals at all levels of the organization.


    Danielle Deibler, Sr. Engineering Manager, Adobe Systems
    Cinda Voegtli,  President & CEO,
    Diane Pennica, Sr. Scientist, Genentech
    Mary Ann Gallagher, Software Manager, Pixar
    Francine Gordon, CEO, F Gordon Group


    5:30 - 6:30 p.m   Registration and Networking
    6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  Program / Q & A

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    $25 for Non-Members
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