Tech Women: Your Identity/Your Data- What Do Women Want?



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    Topic: Your Identity/Your Data- What Do Women Want?
    This evening session will include a presentation by Kaliya about identity and personal data online along with having an significant interactive component with small group conversations inviting the women (and men) in attendance to reflect on their experiences with identity and personal data online and share ideas about how they wish it could work in the future. 

    Kaliya has been working on the topic of user-centric digital identity for almost 9 years and will take the input from the group back to the Internet Identity Workshop and Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium weaving the feedback into ongoing future work to develop the protocols that will define how we interact online in the future.

    The types of questions we will consider is how do you choose/use digital identity online today? Do you have different persona (handles) with different user names, with different e-mails associated with each? What types of activities do you do online and keep separate from your real name? How do you do this? How many different persona do you manage? What precautions do you take? Do you worry about tracking beacons and cookies developing a profile based on your online activities?

    Where does your data go today? Do you think about all the data that you generate as you live your life, using your phone, GPS device, FitBit, Television, Surfing the Net, using applications on iPads or Mobile phones? Where does this data go? What are your rights to it? Do you have a copy of it? What would you do if you could have copies of it store in a personal data banking service?


    6:00 - 6:45 p.m Registration & Networking

    6:45 - 8:30 p.m. Presentation