Tech Women: THE INVITATION- When You Are Ready to Take Your Next Step



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    Program Description:

    The Invitation…When You Are Ready to Take Your Next Step

    Two years ago life balance expert Mary LoVerde did the unthinkable: she sold her dream house and gave away nearly all of her earthly possessions so she could live being “at home wherever she is.” She embarked on a global make-it-up-as-you-go adventure and learned many lessons along the way.

    She cordially invites you to take your next step:

    Do you believe there’s more to life- and just aren’t sure how to move forward?

    Are you feeling stuck or facing a challenge- and don’t know what to do about it?

    Do you have a big dream- but naysayers are telling you, “It’ll never work”?

    Are you ready for a new adventure- and would love to know what that looks like?

    If you said yes to any of the questions above this program is for you.  With her trademark combination of humor and wisdom, frequent Oprah guest Mary LoVerde will help you shine a light on what is holding you back.  She’ll challenge you to face the reasons why and then offer you an abundance of valuable lessons to help you lead the life you want now…not someday.

    Are you ready to quit what’s not working and kick-start what does? If so, take your next step and say yes to The Invitation.

    Mary LoVerde Bio:

    Mary LoVerde believes life is a balancing act and her passion is finding creative ways to help her audiences blend a successful career and a happy and healthy family life.

    Mary has shared her innovative, step-by-step strategies for a balanced life with audiences from Bangkok to Biloxi, to clients as diverse as Apple, the Mayo Clinic and the American Trucking Association. She is the author of three best selling books: I Used to Have a Handle on Life but It Broke; Stop Screaming at the Microwave; and Touching Tomorrow. Her new book, The Invitation…When You Are Ready to Take Your Next Step was launched in 2012.

    She has appeared on 20/20, ABC World News Tonight, and five times on the Oprah Winfrey show.  She is a former faculty member of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and for 15 years served as the director of the Hypertension Research center.

    In 2009 Speaker Magazine named Mary as one of the  25 most influential speakers shaping the industry. In 2010 the National Speakers Association inducted her into the Speaker’s Hall of Fame.



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