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  • Advance Australian Innovation - 50 For The Future Luncheon 2012 
    (12:30 pm to 2:30 pm)

    We’ve searched the world for some of Australia's most exciting exports. Now is your chance to meet them.  

    Join us for lunch to honor 50 of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs who are shaping Australia’s innovation agenda of tomorrow.

    Australia’s future depends on our ability to engage constructively and effectively with our diverse neighbors. The 50 for the Future lunch presents a unique opportunity to connect with our dynamic, entrepreneurial diaspora—a community of globally influential men and women who are inspiring creative strategies to foster Australia’s innovation footprint.

    Luncheon - Invitation Only!

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    Advance Australian Innovation Forum  - (8.00am to 11am)
    Preceding the lunch, Advance will host the Australian Innovation Forum. Twenty of Australia’s most forward thinking technology innovators take the stage for the inaugural Advance Australian Innovation Forum. They have just five minutes to convince a panel of top-tier U.S. investors that their technology is ready to play on the global stage.