The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Speaker Series




    SDForum, in collaboration with Draper Fisher Jurvetson, presents:

    The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

    We are bringing together leading athletes, executives, and artists in an exploration of harnessing your vision in pursuing your dreams.

    These will be intimate gatherings. We are looking for no more than 15 entrepreneurs to attend each session.

    The discussions will be podcasted for all to enjoy but we want to keep the gatherings intimate to (1) give entrepreneurs meaningful time with these thought leaders; (2) have a lively discussion (we often find speaker series can only scratch the surface of issues); (3) things are more fun when everyone participates.

    To that end, we’d love to invite you to join us for one of our sessions. We are looking for (1) entrepreneurs who want to change the world, (2) people who are not afraid to ask questions / engage in a discussion, (3) people who are passionate about the topic / people involved.

    Fireside Chat with Mike Cassidy, moderated by Ravi Belani.

    Ravi Belani, Associate, Draper Fisher Jurveston. Ravi is an associate at Draper Fisher Jurveston, focusing on digital media, software, and services investments. You can read more about Ravi here

    Mike Cassidy, Entrepreneur. Mike is a triple backed Draper Fisher Jurvetson entrepreneur, currently the CEO at Ruba, Inc., and has been the Co-Founder and CEO of three start-ups: Xfire, Direct Hit, and Stylus Innovation. Xfire is an instant messenger for gamers that helps them play online with their friends much more easily. Xfire has over 10 million registered gamers in over 100 countries. MTV acquired Xfire for $110 million. Direct Hit was a revolutionary Internet search engine whose customers included MSN, Lycos, AOL, and dozens of others. Ask Jeeves acquired Direct Hit for $533 million. Stylus Innovation’s flagship product was the award winning computer telephony software Visual Voice. Mike studied jazz piano at the Berklee College of Music. Mike holds a BS (’85) and MS (’86) in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. He graduated from Harvard Business School in 1991.

    This is an invite only event. Please contact [email protected] for more information.