• XML SIG: Web Service Orchestration Thursday, March 28, 2002 - 06:30PM
    Cubberly Community Center
    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1
    Palo Alto, CA
    Software Architecture and Platform

XML SIG: Web Service Orchestration



  • ...and BEA Web Services and WebLogic Workshop.



    Doron Sherman, CTO - Collaxa

    Sam Ramji, Technical Architect - BEA Systems


    Presentation Overview

    Web Service Orchestration

    Driven by the emergence of interoperability standards and a maturing infrastructure, business applications are evolving towards a service-oriented architecture. This new development paradigm is based on loosely-coupled, network-enabled service components and promises significant benefits in terms of integration and adaptability.

    However, the use of services as building blocks for applications introduces new challenges throughout the development lifecycle. In particular, the synchronous request-reply programming model using fine-grained components is now giving way to a more flexible and reliable model based on asynchronous, non-linear, multi-step interactions across loosely-coupled service components.

    The Collaxa Orchestration Platform is a breakthrough solution for the assembly, coordination and management of service components for streamlined business processes. Its patent-depending architecture provides significant benefits in terms of flexibility, reliability and management.


    BEA Web Services and WebLogic Workshop

    Get the inside scoop on the newest addition to the BEA enterprise platform; the BEA WebLogic Workshop. BEA WebLogic Workshop, formerly code-named"Cajun," lets application developers rapidly create, test, and deploy enterprise-class Web service applications on the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform. Supported by an enterprise-class runtime framework, BEA's WebLogic Workshop was developed specifically for Web services. Announced at BEA eWorld 2002 on February 25th, the beta version of WebLogic Workshop is currently available for download at: http://dev2dev.bea.com/workshop/index.jsp


    About the Presenters

    Doron Sherman

    Doron Sherman is the CTO of Collaxa. Prior to Collaxa, Doron was a managing director of Kindling, a hands-on consulting, seed investing and venture management company. Before Kindling, Doron was a Chief Scientist and founder of NetDynamics, the startup that pioneered the Java application server in early 1995 and led this hypergrowth market till its merger with Sun Microsystems in August 1998.

    Doron brings 15 years of high-tech R&D experience in diverse areas as digital mapping, color publishing and reproduction, digital photography and web-based business applications. Prior to Collaxa, Doron's prior work includes various staff and management R&D positions at Hewlett-Packard Labs, Electronics for Imaging and the Israeli Air Force. Doron's innovation in expanding the NetDynamics platform to the enterprise integration domain was the key enabler for the company's transformation from a development tool vendor to a provider of mission-critical solutions, growing revenues from inception to $25MM within three years.

    Doron holds a BS in Math and Physics and MS in Computer Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.


    Sam Ramji

    Sam Ramji leads BEA's technical marketing program for WebLogic Workshop and Web Services solutions. Prior to his current role at BEA, he was Director of Engineering at Ofoto, the leading digital photo service, which was acquired by Eastman Kodak in May 2001. At Ofoto, Sam oversaw the development of a Web Services-based application architecture that handled e-commerce, digital image management, integration with fulfillment systems, and integration with partners including Amazon, Kodak, Apple, HP, Sony, and Microsoft.

    Sam has a cross-platform background in designing and developing Internet and LAN-based distributed applications using C++, DCOM, Java, and EJB. Sam has also developed and managed production of digital imaging and education applications for the desktop on Windows and Macintosh using C++ and COM.

    Sam holds a bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California at San Diego.


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    Cubberly Community Center

    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1

    Palo Alto, CA


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