Windows SIG: What's New in the VC7 Debugger?





    Andy Pennell, Development Lead / Visual C++ Debugger - Microsoft

    Presentation Overview

    The VC7 debugger is new and packed with features to help you debug your latest and greatest projects. This presentation covers many of the new features, such as the richer modeless ui, automation support, easy remote debugging, and minidump reading & writing. The demos help illustrate how these features will help you find, analyze and fix the hardest of bugs.

    Speaker Profile

    Andy Pennell

    Andy Pennell has been creating debuggers for almost 20 years now, and using them for even longer. His first debugger creation was MonQL for the 68008 in 1983, but now in 2001 he is a dev lead on the Visual C++ debugger for x86 and IA64. Hex addresses have grown from 4 digits to 16 digits in this time, and he's still typing them wrong occasionally. His favorite keypress is F8 and his favorite window is QuickWatch.


    Microsoft Technology Center - Silicon Valley
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