• WS SIG (SV): SOAP Routing Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - 06:30PM
    Microsoft Main Campus
    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1
    Mountain View, CA
    Software Architecture and Platform

WS SIG (SV): SOAP Routing



  • The essential component to making Web Services a reality.



    Rohit Khare , Founder - KnowNow

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    David Nielsen, President - Persistent Web Technologies


    Presentation Overview

    SOAP Routing

    SOAP Routers (or Relays or Switches...) manage the flow of messages, providing reliable delivery, authorization and accounting, transformation, and other services. Most importantly, they enable any-to-any, asynchronous message flows between dynamic coalitions of loosely-coupled actors. Rohit Khare introduces the concept of SOAP Routing, details emerging protocol proposals, and surveys several vendor approaches to unlocking the power of Service-Oriented Architectures.


    About the Presenter and Moderator

    Rohit Khare

    Rohit Khare has dedicated his professional career to improving global enterprise software development by leveraging Internet standards and Web-native architectures. Before founding KnowNow, Rohit was a Ph.D. candidate at the Information and Computer Science department at the University of California, Irvine, focusing on next-generation protocols for HTTP and proactive event notification services. Rohit's participation in Internet standards development led him to found 4K Associates, as well as join the world renowned technical teams at MCI's Internet Architecture group, and the World Wide Web Consortium at MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, where he focused on security and eCommerce issues, as well as editing the World Wide Web Journal for O'Reilly & Associates. Rohit received his B.S. in Engineering and Applied Science and in Economics with honors from Caltech and a Master's degree in Software Engineering from UC Irvine. He serves on the Technical Advisory Board of Jabber.com.


    David Nielsen

    David was one of the first developers in the world to be certified on Microsoft’s first application server, Active Server Pages. David was also one the first to teach others how to develop database-driven eCommerce sites on the Microsoft Site Server E-Commerce platform. For almost a decade, David has worked and shared ideas with many of the leading developers in the Internet community ensuring that his company, Persistent Web, is in the forefront of all the latest market trends and technological developments.

    In addition to founding Persistent Web, David continues to remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and lends his technological and strategic expertise to clients building Internet applications and Web Services. David is also the founder and Chair of the Web Services SIG.


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    Microsoft Main Campus

    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1

    Mountain View, CA


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    7:15-8:30pm presentation

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