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    Bill Appleton, President, Chief Scientist - DreamFactory
    Dave Kaplow and Larry Gordon, Partners - The FactPoint Group
    Nico Peruzzi, Ph.D - Outsource Resource Consulting

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    David Nielsen, President - Persistent Web Technologies


    Presentation Overview

    Building Rich Clients for Web Services

    Bill Appleton will be presenting the new version of DreamFactory, the first browser-based web services client. DreamFactory enables the enterprise professional to quickly build high-performance user interface front-ends that are loosely bound to web services on the middleware tier. These applications reside on the client and run in the browser, providing total control over every aspect of interactivity, user interface, rich media, and server communication. This allows the server side to focus on web services instead of HTML page generation, which streamlines design, enhances user experience, reduces traffic, and lowers cost.

    In the presentation, a variety of projects and controls will be quickly built right in the browser and hooked up to web services from XMethods and others. The controls will be copied and pasted from web page to web page, and then re-purposed and modified. This provides a deep solution to the enterprise aggregation and integration problem from the client-side, and opens up entirely new business models like syndication, co-branding, cross-selling, joint offerings, and outsourcing.


    Fortune 1000 Aggressively Adopting XML Web Services

    According to freshly completed research, nearly half of respondents are piloting or implementing Web services applications, including a surprising number of external projects. North American companies are adopting Web services at a faster rate than anticipated, and companies that hold back on this cutting-edge technology risk being bypassed by more nimble competitors. This presentation will highlight top-level findings from the report entitled, "Crossing the Boundaries: Early Adoption of Web Services," recently published by the FactPoint Group and Outsource Research Consulting. The research involved in-depth interviews with 50 enterprises plus 796 respondents to a Web survey in April, and focused on capturing the "voice of the enterprise customer," not simply the perspective of vendors. The research clearly identified adoption patterns, phases of deployment, value propositions, applications piloted and deployed, and accelerators and barriers to enterprise adoption of Web services. The report also describes which industries are quickly implementing Web services and which are lagging, what opportunities still exist for start-ups, and which platform and vendors are clearly in the lead.


    About the Presenters and Moderator

    Bill Appleton

    Bill Appleton is one of the world's leading authorities on content authoring tools and development environments, and has worked with Disney, Paramount, Viacom and Bandai to build creative vehicles for content experts and scripters since 1984. Bill has written over 2 dozen commercial software publications including the multimedia authoring tool SuperCard and the number one selling CD-ROM Titanic: Adventure out of Time. His ActiveX control work has been downloaded over 75 million times. He previously served as President of the CD-ROM publishing company CyberFlix, Inc., and now heads up DreamFactory Software, Inc. Bill has been interviewed by most leading computer publications and many mainstream magazines including People, Newsweek, and US News and World Report.


    The FactPoint Group

    The FactPoint Group ( is a Silicon Valley-based research, publishing and consulting firm that helps enterprises adopt and vendors market new technology. For 2002, FactPoint Group has focused its research in the emerging areas of Web services and enterprise portals. The FactPoint Group is a new name for a team which has been producing world-class research, analysis, and consulting since 1993. The FactPoint Group can be reached at 650-559-2110.


    Outsource Research Consulting

    Outsource Research Consulting (ORC) is a full-service marketing research firm helping enterprise technology companies make better decisions by using primary research. With online data collection and traditional quantitative and qualitative research strategies, ORC helps identify market opportunities, validate trends, visualize positioning vis-à-vis competitors, understand customer needs, and quantify buying behaviors. ORC offers research design, questionnaire development, data collection, panel management, statistical analysis and modeling, and actionable reporting and presentations. Contact ORC at 408-293-8882 or visit


    David Nielsen

    David was one of the first developers in the world to be certified on Microsoft’s first application server, Active Server Pages. David was also one the first to teach others how to develop database-driven eCommerce sites on the Microsoft Site Server E-Commerce platform. For almost a decade, David has worked and shared ideas with many of the leading developers in the Internet community ensuring that his company, Persistent Web, is in the forefront of all the latest market trends and technological developments.

    In addition to founding Persistent Web, David continues to remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and lends his technological and strategic expertise to clients building Internet applications and Web Services. David is also the founder and Chair of the Web Services SIG.


    Event Logistics


    Microsoft Main Campus

    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1

    Mountain View, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza

    7:00-7:15pm introductions and announcements

    7:15-8:30pm presentation

    8:30-9:00pm Q&A



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