Software Licensing: Make Money without Losing Your Shirt



  • "Excellent seminar! I was surprised how much I didn't know."
    -Comments on Helen Conroy

    Find out first-hand how to keep your assets protected while you prepare for the licensing, sale or acquisition of your technology.


    Helen Conroy, Thelen Reid & Priest LLP

    Grant Jones, DSI Technology Escrow Services


    8:30-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast

    9:00-11:30am Interactive Seminar

    You have a great technology and a basic understanding of intellectual property. You want to generate revenue from that technology, but how do you ensure that your assets will be protected when you prepare for the licensing, sale or acquisition of your custom software? A well-structured deal gets you a win. The alternative is a loss of I.P. or months in court. Learn how patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets laws can protect your company's I.P. assets and why, in some instances, it's better to offer technology escrow to your clients upfront - actually shortening the sales cycle.

    Ms. Conroy, a partner in Thelen Reid & Priest's Technology and I.P. department, will focus on licensing terms from a developer's perspective, and explain common I.P. license terms that are frequently negotiated. Grant Jones, regional manager for DSI Technology Escrow Services, will discuss the finer points of negotiating a software escrow contract, including release conditions, and how to craft the most favorable agreement.

    This seminar is designed for the management and technology team of early stage technology companies who want to learn how to take advantage of the intellectual property laws to protect these mission critical assets. Anyone who sells or licenses expensive, mission-critical, or custom software should attend this very informative seminar.

    In the morning you will learn:

    • How to avoid some of the most common I.P. mistakes
    • What to look for when structuring a licensing, sale or acquisition deal
    • When technology escrow is important to you
    • How deal structures have changed over the last nine months since the correction


    SDForum Center

    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200

    San Jose, CA 95113

    Seminar Track

    Management, Startup Stage

    Cost (Continental Breakfast Included)

    $30 SDForum Members

    $60 Non-Members

    To register, press the link below or call SDForum at 408-494-8378.