Software Architecture & Platform SIG: Things you need to know when starting to work with OpenStack



  • Topic: Things you need to know when starting to work with OpenStack

    Stan Klimoff from Grid Dynamics will give an overview of the challenges that await the early adopters of OpenStack as well as ways to address these challenges. For those who are not familiar with OpenStack, an overview of the project and introduction into the architecture will be provided. Stan will also share some of the lessons learned from a recent OpenStack implementation at Cisco Systems.

    Presenter: Stan Klimoff, Director of Cloud Services, Grid Dynamics
    As the Director of Cloud Services, Stan is responsible for the management of the Cloud Services organization, which includes business development, pre-sales support, partnerships and community engagements, as well as R&D in the cloud space. Prior to that position, Stan was a Principal Architect, where he spearheaded projects such as a 16,000-node, grid-based implementation for a major Web 2.0 company, employing innovative Semantic Web concepts and advanced visualization techniques. He also led the recent performance testing and tuning of the GigaSpaces 6 XAP in-memory data-grid engine. Stan's specialties include smart networking, formal methodologies and languages, knowledge bases, and functional programming. Before joining Grid Dynamics, Stan spent four years as a Software Engineer at Selectosa Systems, where he led design and development for an online gaming project and its associated Web site.??Stan holds a M.S. in Computer Science from the Saratov State University, Russia.

    Grid Dynamics is an enterprise cloud engineering company. Over the last few years the company has been helping industry giants such as Cisco, PayPal, eBay, Microsoft and Macy's, build their first generation cloud platforms and systems. Today the company is focusing its expertise and a portfolio of solutions around Open Stack, actively contributing to the community and maintaining a Red Hat Enterprise Linux port of Open Stack.



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