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    Java Swing provides GUI support for Clojure (a new Lisp dialect).  Clojure supports concurrency with retries of immutable data structures while Java Swing has changeable components accessed from the solitary AWT event thread.  Bridging the differences is explained with a J2SE project with buttons, menus, scrollable tables, and moveable and resizable components.  Code and GUI examples come from a probabilistic logic expression editor that is part of an ongoing, independent research project.

    Bob Kirby received a Ph.D degree in Computer Science (Image Processing) from the University of Maryland, College Park.  He continues an independent project in Knowledge Representation using his commercial background in Artificial Intelligence (Image Understanding), Expert Systems, and software development  He pursues a machine representation of common sense knowledge and natural language semantics, which is different from those typically used for the semantic web.  Yet he also looks to help, as an employee (, with existing research and development in natural language processing such as search.


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