Security SIG: Starting a Security Product and Service Company



  • Lessons Learned - "Starting a Security Product and Service Company"

     *    Market dynamics - Enterprise Vs. Service Provider

    Learned: Startup Requires Blood, Sweat and Family dog

    *    Technology Choice - Build Vs. Buy

    Learned: Don't worry about known wisdom

    *    $$ Planning - Accepting investment vs. waiting for revenue

    Learned: Think about change

    *    Changing Product Directions while flying plane

    Learned: Fatigue sets in - everyone is vulnerable

    *    Security Service Products Vs. Networking Service

    Learned: No amount preparation is sufficient



    Pankaj Parekh is founder and CEO of Zivio Networks. Pankaj is a serial entrepreneur with third company in the field of networking and security. Prior to Zivio Networks, he founded iPolicy Networks. As CTO of the iPolicy, he led company's security research team and security technology direction. He led the core product development team of the company as VP of Engineering and product strategies for the first five years. Prior to iPolicy Networks he was president, CEO and founder of Tunnelnet, a company that designed networking products integrating load balancing with application-layer QoS. He founded Tunnelnet after many years in senior engineering management positions with Intel. At Intel, Pankaj he worked on many projects including creating secure micro-kernel integrated into the chip enabling highly secure command and control module for F22 fighter jets. Prior to Intel, Pankaj co-founded Penguin Research Inc., a pioneer in on-demand CD-quality music systems. Pankaj received a master of science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Arizona State University. He has authored or co-authored a total of 15 patents in the fields of networking and security.




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