Security SIG: Guerilla Anti-Penetration Tactics



  • Unconventional offensive and defensive strategies to defeat penetration

    Program Overview

    All Information Security is a form of warfare. In information warfare the enemy is often unseen, intangible, and has little fear of repercussion. Unlike conventional warfare, in a failed attack, the attacker generally learns more about the target systems than the recipient of the attack does of the methods of the aggressor.

    Most information security techniques used today are either based on reactionary post-penetration strategies, or based on tactics that apply to conventional warfare, not to information warfare. Offensive and defensive strategies and tactical implementations can be used to defeat attacks.

    The reactionary strategies although not entirely unusable, are not suitable for preventing and protecting against future penetration attempts. A majority of the security strategies and tactics are based on the "Penetrate and Patch" method of reactionary security. Other strategies include the use of real-time intrusion detection sensors. Unfortunately, these tools are incapable of interpreting failed security attempts and adapting to new threats. The presenter will map strategies and tactics to compensate for these flaws. The information presented will help you learn how improve the security of any network.

    About The Presenter:

    Chris Neitzert, an independent information security consultant has a strong commitment to UNIX and open source software. Mr. Neitzert has been the Head of Network Operations at Redundant Networks. As Systems and Network Security Manager at Grand Central where he designed and implemented the company's infrastructure from alpha to 1.1 versions. Chris has also held a variety of senior-level positions in information technology and information services at companies including Razorfish, where he built that company's global IT infrastructure from the ground up.

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