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  • Inauguration of our NEW location with a Special InfoSecurity TRIPLE.

    NEW Info Security Regulatory Requirements - SB 1386

    Scott Pink (bio), Counsel - GrayCary

    NEW Security Tools - New Java Tool Kits

    Ari Kermaier (bio), Chief Architect - Phaos Technology's
    Brad Garsten (bio), Western Regional Director - Phaos Technology's

    NEW Approach to Security Audits and Vulnerabilities

    Gerhard Eschelbeck (bio), CTO - Qualys


    Presentation Overview

    NEW Info Security Regulatory Requirements - SB 1386

    A new California law, SB 1386, will take effect on July 1st. The law requires all companies doing business with California customers (not just companies based in California), to promptly notify customers of possible compromise of private data including social security numbers and financial account numbers. If a company is unable to notify affected customers, they must feature notice of the compromise prominently on their website, and must alert national media. All companies which store personal data should review their security posture and their notification procedures. We will feature an attorney with expertise in SB 1386, Scott Pink with the law firm GrayCary.

    NEW Security Tools - New Java Tool Kits

    Software tools for XML Security -- Where Web Services meets the Real World. SAML? WS Security? XML-AAA? What does it really take to build a secure web service? Come hear from a leading architect for java security tookits, and a front-line IT customer on what's really needed and what's available today to get it done.

    NEW Approach to Security Audits and Vulnerabilities

    Qualys provides organizations a comprehensive, on-demand security audit and vulnerability anagement service. Qualys will show us how businesses can run network security audits anytime, and get the results delivered in minutes.


    About the Presenters


    Scott Pink, Counsel at GrayCary

    Scott Pink, Special Counsel at the Sacramento law firm GrayCary. Mr. Pink attended Harvard Law School, was a Harvard undergraduate. Mr. Pink was a law clerk and supervising staff attorney, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the author of "The Internet and E-Commerce Legal Handbook' (2001 Random House), and was an Adjunct Professor of Law, U.C. Davis Law School.


    Ari Kermaier, Chief Architect - Phaos Technology's

    Ari Kermaier is an Engineering Manager and the Chief Architect of Phaos Technology's XML, PKI and Java security development toolkits. Ari holds an MS degree in computer science from New York University and an MS in operations research from Columbia University.


    Brad Garsten, Western Regional Director - Phaos Technology's

    Brad Garsten is the Western Regional Director for Phaos Technology, responsibilities include; sales, marketing, business development, and PR. Related background includes Director of Business Development Neomar a wireless Security start-up. Prior to Neomar Brad worked for RSA Security in the BSAFE OEM licensing group.


    Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO - Qualys

    Gerhard Eschelbeck, the CTO of Qualys, oversees Qualys' engineering and operations. Gerhard Eschelbeck is a security and distributed systems expert who has developed many well known security technologies and products. Gerhard was recently recognized as one of the "25 Most Influential CTOs" by InfoWorld Media Group. Prior to joining Qualys, Gerhard was Senior VP of Engineering for security products at Network Associates, VP of Engineering of anti-virus products at McAfee Associates before it was acquired by NAI, and Founder of IDS GmbH. Earlier, he was a research scientist at the University of Linz, Austria, from which he earned Masters and Ph.D. Degrees in Computer Science and where he teaches regularly in the field of network security. Gerhard has written numerous papers on managed network security, is a frequent speaker at networking and security conferences worldwide, and has numerous patents pending.


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