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  • A New Approach to Solving the Zero-Day Attacks


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    Applying Virtualization to Web Security - A New Approach to Solving the Zero-Day Attacks

    Recent studies by IDC and Symantec confirm that the Web has become the vector of choice for criminals wanting to break into PCs, steal files, and attack internal networks. Traditional defenses that depend upon recognizing threats -- whether via signatures or behavioral analysis -- are becoming overwhelmed as a flood of new generations of rootkits, cross-site scripting and undetectable exploits emerge. Carlos Pizano, Architect of GreenBorder Pro, will discuss a new approach that combines transparent virtualization of application resources with multi-layered security techniques. It creates "virtual sessions" within the PC that are isolated from the machine, yet enable any Internet content or downloaded files to be used safely -- even files that are infected with the latest, undetectable threats. Unlike older, scan-and-block technologies that limit users' access to information, this new approach never requires updates, preserves the normal Web experience for users, and allows full use of all Internet resources without allowing anything to get into the PC, steal files and personal data, or attack internal networks.


    About The Presenter

    Carlos Pizano, Archictec

    Carlos Pizano has over 20 years of experience developing software and firmware. Before joining GreenBorder, Mr. Pizano held the position of architect at ZeroVector, a provider of location-based services that Qualcomm and others offer to businesses with mobile workers. Prior to that, he was the CTO and co-founder of Elisar Software, which offered digital rights management solutions. Company was selected by Fortune Magazine as one of its "Cool Companies of 2002." Earlier in his career, Mr. Pizano led the development of firmware for Liikkuva Systems, an early maker of car navigation solutions which was acquired by Motorola. Mr. Pizano holds a bachelorʼs degree in Electrical Engineering from P.U.J and a masterʼs degree with honors in Computer Engineering from the University of New Mexico.

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