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    Lessons learned from a software startup: a management perspective Speaker

    It's easy to find startup success stories: YouTube, Skype, SalesForce... They make headlines because they are exciting and inspiring, but you won't learn much from those stories. The real growth and learning comes from the gut-wrenching challenges that all startup leaders invariably face. What are those secrets about running a software startup that really matter, yet that people never really talk about?

    Accomplice started operations over 2 years ago. The company has developed and commercialized an innovative "virtual assistant" software product and service which has won acclaim from industry leaders, press, bloggers, and thousands of customers. Jason will share empirical, rubber-meets-the-road insights and lessons learned with Accomplice during an interactive presentation followed by a "no rules" Q&A session.

    Here's a sample of some of the things he'll talk about... What personal sacrifices are par for the course, why are they usually unavoidable, and what can you do to limit them? Startups must dare to be different, but where and how do you draw the line? What's really happening in the angel and venture funding of software startups today, and what strategies are more likely to succeed? What fundraising lies should you anticipate? How can you enlist others to fundraise for you? How do you determine equity arrangements among early employees? How can you accelerate your patent process? Does an MBA or a Ph.D. matter? How can you effectively execute to a development schedule, how can you predict when it's going to break down, and what should you do about it? With 20/20 hindsight, what would be different? Bring your own questions to the show!



    Jason Feinsmith, co-founder and CEO of Accomplice

    Prior to co-founding Accomplice, Jason was on the executive management team at Silicon Storage Technology, responsible for all business aspects of their main business unit, a $300 million P&L operation. Prior to SST, Jason managed and more than tripled the results for a business unit at Xilinx. There he established new products, new channels of distribution, and brought Xilinx software into the hands of over 150,000 people around the world. Before that Jason spent four years at Intel in sales. He started his career in technology as a CAD software design engineer at National Semiconductor in the late 80's.

    Along the way, Jason has also worked as an associate at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm and in management at some technology startups. He has a B.S. in electrical engineering from Cornell University, as well as a computer science masters and an MBA from Stanford University.




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