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    What’s in it for me to attend? - Think you can avoid playing politics? Think again! Politics, while having a negative connotation, is a reality of professional life. Could you benefit from being more savvy about the politics at work in organizations? This guy knows what he’s talking about and is going to tell it like it is!

    “What sets Bob Schatz apart from other thought leaders in the agile space is his ability to see organizations not just as hierarchies but as integrated webs of personal relationships and business dependencies." - John Heil, Vice President Gestalt, LLC


    Presentation Overview

    The Facts of Work: Living with Power & Politics

    We all have complained about "the politics" in our organizations; we want things to change but often say that we just don't have the power to get anything done. Power and Politics are present everywhere we look. There are many sources of power, and politics are not something to avoid, or run from. Politics must be mastered and sources of power must be identified and leveraged in order to effect change. By learning the tactics to influence and resolve conflict, you gain some real power to change your organization. You don't have to be the CEO to do this, even though that is one source of power! This session is aimed at anyone that is looking to gain an understanding of how power, politics, influence, and conflict interact in organizations.



    Featuring Bob Shatz, Agile coach/consultant

    Bob Schatz is the Owner and Senior Advisor of Agile Infusion, LLC. He specializes in consulting and coaching organizational leaders in the practice of successfully using agile project management techniques to transform their organizations and improve the performance of their software development projects. He began his practice as a result of leading the agile transition at Primavera and helping many other companies do the same.

    Bob has experience at every level of the organization. He was the VP and Chief Development Officer for Solstice Software, leading the software development of the Solstice enterprise integration testing products. Bob Schatz also served as VP of Development for Primavera Systems, Inc. where he was responsible for leading the team that develops Primavera's software solutions for Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management and created a real agile success story. Before joining Primavera, Bob spent seven years at Liquent, Inc., managing the development of publishing software targeted for the pharmaceutical market, and 12 years at GE Aerospace/Lockheed Martin, where he held various management positions for large-scale development projects for US government agencies and the Department of Defense. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Temple University and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania.




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