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  • SDForum Hosts Jiangsu

    "China Software Outsourcing and Networking"

    SDForum is pleased to host "China Software Outsourcing and Networking" Gala Dinner on October 29, 2007 at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto.

    Jiangsu is one of the most economically developed coastal provinces in China, approximately the size of California. The GDP in Jiangsu exceeded 230 billion USD in 2005, and covered 1/9 of the Nation. Since 2000, the Jiangsu software industry has been growing at an average annual rate of 50%. In 2004, Jiangsu provincial software industry, composed of more than 2000 enterprises achieved sales revenue of 2.35 billion US dollars.

    The Jiangsu Delegation includes senior officials from many of the governmental offices as well as senior executives from 25 software companies in the region.


    Program Overview:

    October 29: Series of events

    Location: Silicon Valley

    Agenda for Jiangsu Visit to Silicon Valley

    Group One: Morning Session

    Agenda: How to get the Best out of San Jose and Connections in Silicon Valley

    Group Two: Morning Session

    Agenda: The Jiangsu government officials will be invited to better understand the economic development projects spearheaded by the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose.

    Afternoon Lunch Session

    Luncheon at DLA Piper, Palo Alto

    This panel will include representatives from technology firms and other major actors in the valley.

    Site Visit at SAP

    Site Visit at SUN

    Evening Session, 6:00- 8:30pm

    Networking Dinner

    Venue: Four Seasons Hotel

    Location: Four Season Hotel, Palo Alto

    Gala dinner is invitation only; please contact Kristen Sullivan if you are interested in participating. All the other activities are closed to the delegation only.