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  • The insidious and slippery problem of storing objects to disk

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    State Management: Shape and Storage: The insidious and slippery problem of storing objects to disk

    No matter your language or platform, a large part of the time and energy required for modern enterprise development centers around managing the transition between transient (working) state and durable (stored) state. What exacerbates the problem even more is the fact that these two are often stored in different "shapes"--transient state is typically in objects, and durable state wants to be stored relationally, and it’s not trivial to map between them. If you consider the growing pervasiveness of XML services, now we have a third “shape”, that being a hierarchical form. We’ll talk about what makes this such an insidious and slippery problem, what tools are available to help address it, and mechanisms we have to avoid the problem in the first place.


    About the Presenter

    Ted Neward

    Ted Neward is a consultant, author, mentor and instructor, focused on delivering enterprise applications on the Java and .NET platforms, and is an authority on Java/.NET interoperability. He is a BEA Technical Director, Microsoft MVP Architect, Java Community Process Expert Group member (JSRs 175, 250, and 277), and a member of the INETA Speakers Bureau.

    Ted currently teaches for Pluralsight and has spoken at over fifty technical conferences, including TechEd, JavaOne, DevWeek, JAOO, and the No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium tour. He has taught over a hundred and fifty classes on Java and .NET to clients all over the world, was the Founding Editor for TheServerSide.NET, and has authored close to a dozen books and close to fifty articles on Java, .NET and C++.

    For more about Ted and his work, you are invited to visit his website at and check out his weblog at”


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