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    Topic: SaaS: SDLC framework solutions

    Solutions to challenges faced by the on demand enterprise 

    Abstract: Software as a Service (SaaS) is no longer just a buzzword as more and more companies shift their enterprise solutions online. As we continue to move away from shrinkwrapped boxes and traditional IT organizations, the software development lifecycle model becomes driven by new contractual demands for robust performance and high availability as well as new customer expectations for rapid and seamless updates. Releases have increased from quarterly to monthly to fortnightly; and updates and patches from monthly to weekly to daily and in some cases to streams throughout the day. The server support band might narrow, but the entire stack must now be architected in a way that not only accounts for the server / os / network / storage architectures, but also minimizes capex / opex costs and interruptions to engineers and organizations from inevitable production problems.

    While many organizations face these challenges, few have managed to excel, and fewer still have been able to do this in a way that adopts  lean principles such as just-in-time, kaizen, and arguably the most important, jidoka. Not only must the product and organization profitably scale but the development lifecycle must become sufficiently transparent. Data must get into the right hands quickly to ensure that the patterns that can prevent disasters, find new business opportunities, and ultimately delight customers are rapidly identified.

    In this presentation, we will step into the software development lifecycle to look at creating successful SaaS solutions from the architect / technical leader perspective. We'll touch on such topics as how to identify and collect the right data, and what tools and techniques might be used and connected together to not only radiate

    this data but also drive the SDLC.

    Presenter: Robert Benefield, Director, Yahoo
    Specializing in QA, Release Engineering, Operations, and Tools/Automation

    Robert Benefield is Director of Platform Engineering and Engineering Services at Yahoo!. He has over 20 years of professional experience in software development spanning defense, finance, media, enterprise software, and internet industries. Robert was first exposed to the challenges of SaaS while building one of the first equities electronic crossing networks (ECN) and some of the first internet sites. At Yahoo, Robert is a thought leader designing strategies that have improved quality, availability, security and reproducibility while dramatically reducing costs and tensions.


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