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    Presentation Overview:

    Open-Source Reporting Software Goes Commercial

    The Business Intelligence (BI) tools market is predicted to be $4 Billion in 2005. Open source is rapidly making inroads into this hot market with wildly popular projects such as JasperReports, an open source reporting solution with more than 330,000 downloads. One year ago, JasperSoft was a commercial company focusing exclusively on commercial BI reporting solutions. Today, JasperSoft is a commercial open source company that is fully committed to the success of open source reporting tools.

    Learn from Paul Doscher, CEO of JasperSoft, about how and why he made the daring and ambitious move to fund JasperReports, hire the project founder, and decide to take on larger, proprietary software vendors with open source at the core of his strategy.

    Paul will walk you through what it's like to enter a world with a multi-billion dollar marketplace, tens of thousands of free enterprise deployments that have yet to be monetized, and the conundrum of open source software -- leveraging massive market share into a strong commercial business.

    • How do you identify the best open source technology?
    • What are some best practices to consider when funding an open source technology?
    • How do you make the business justification?
    • What legal/IP issues will you likely encounter?
    • How do you determine the value of funding open source technology?
    • In order to ensure long-term commitment, should a company become the legal guardian of the intellectual property and copyrights?
    • How to cooperate with the lead architect to ensure the continued success of the open source project under new corporate sponsorship.

    About the Presenter:

    Paul Doscher, President and CEO

    As President and Chief Executive Officer of JasperSoft, Paul drives the operational strategy of the company, with a focus on establishing JasperSoft as an industry leader with exceptional products and devoted customers. With more than 22 years of software experience, Paul has held numerous executive positions in both large and small software companies. Previous to JasperSoft, Paul was executive vice president at Thor Technologies, a leader in secure enterprise provisioning. Prior to Thor, he was EVP of worldwide sales for VMWare, the leader in virtual computing for Intel servers. Other notable career positions include those at Business Objects, where Paul was general manager for the Americas and at Oracle Corporation, where he was vice president of the America’s Alliances organization. Paul has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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