Java SIG: Desktop Java in Action & Swing Application Building Blocks



  • The Monthly Meeting of the Java SIG


    First Half - 7:00:

    Desktop Java in Action

    Rich client applications can be more productive, more useful, and frankly more fun to work with. In the first session we will start with an overview of the state of Java Desktop today and then deep-dive to explore how to create great-looking effects for your UI.

    Romain Guy, Engineer, Sun Microsystems

    Romain Guy is a French student currently working as an intern with the Swing Team at Sun Microsystems. He has 7 years of experience in Java development, as an Open Source and freelance developer. He also works as a freelance journalist for a French computing magazine, as a translator for O'Reilly and taught Java in a University. Today Romain focuses on UI design and humane interaction.

    Second Half - 8:10:

    Swing Application Building Blocks

    Figuring out how to write complex and effective rich client applications can be a difficult task, given the wealth of options and technologies to understand. This talk will cover the essential building blocks of modern rich client applications by exploring the SwingLabs data binding framework and SwingX components.

    Richard Bair, Engineer, Sun Microsystems

    Richard Bair is an application developer with over 7 years experience in writing SQL database front ends. Four of those years were devoted to writing Java applications based on Swing and JDBC. He is currently tasked with working on the back-end components in JDNC for communicating with various data stores such as RDBMS systems, web services, and EJB servers, as well as working on Swing components and general JDNC project management. He joined Sun Microsystems in November of 2004 as a member of the Swing team, working full time on the JDNC project.


    Event Logistics


    Cubberly Community Center
    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1
    Palo Alto, CA 94105


    6:30-7:00 Doors open. Networking. Pizza.
    7:00-7:50 Desktop Java in Action - Romain Guy
    7:50-8:10 Announcements. Break. Give-aways, job announcements
    8:10-9:10 Swing Application Building Blocks - Richard Bair


    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members
    No charge for SDForum members
    No registration required

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