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  • Agile Java & Introducing the Spring MVC

    Talk 1: Being Agile All The Way Through Java App Development (25 mins)

    Being agile means being agile all the way through the development process, including deployment and production. Every team should have a full complement of profiling, testing and load generation tools, but we all know that even with the most rigorous pre-deployment QA, issues will sneak through. To catch these, all serious apps use production monitoring of one kind or another. The ah-ha moment comes when we realize that we can use that same production monitoring to increase our agility: we can shorten the pre-production testing cycles and push new iterations into production with minimal testing. I'll talk about how we've done this, and how our customers have done this: we've become more agile, we test less, and we've reduced our risks. I have real life examples/war stories to share and I hope to enthuse you to become "agile all the way down".

    Bjorn Freeman-Benson is proud to be part of the engineering team at New Relic, officially as the Director of Engineering, but unofficially as a software psychologist. Prior to joining New Relic he was Director of Committer Engineering Support at the Eclipse Foundation. He spends his day listening to the software tell him about its troubles, and then works to resolve the problems, be they technical, process, or people-related. He's passionate about delivering value to customers and loves the continuous improvements that delivering software as a service enables. Bjorn has worked in open source, closed source, big companies, small companies, and even as a university professor (Eclipse, Amazon, Rational, Gemstone, OTI, ...). He has an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and is happy to talk at length about his passion for orienteering and/or his love of flying.

    Talk 2: Introduction to Spring MVC (95+ mins)

    At Carbon Five, most the Java web applications are built using Spring MVC as our web framework. Over the years they have used many of the framework's features to build a variety of applications.  In this talk Christian will introduce and demonstrate the primary features of Spring MVC, including some of the new features introduced in version 3.0.  We'll cover these topics:

    * Controllers
    * Routing (aka UrlMapping)
    * Data binding and formatters
    * Validation (Spring and JSR-303)
    * Formatters
    * Convention over configuration
    * JSP views and Spring tags
    * Ajax and Json

    Christian will emphasize the features that we use most frequently and share his experience from previous projects.  Most of the talk will be code-based, reviewing working code and running a live application.  If time permits he will cover some of the advanced features of Spring MVC. This talk is geared for Java web application developers, with little or no Spring MVC experience.

    Christian Nelson is a partner at Carbon Five, a boutique software consulting firm that builds web applications agilely using Java and Ruby and Rails.  He's interested in streamlining development to make it fast and fun, coaching agile teams, open source software and software architecture.  He's the author of the open source Carbon Five Database Migrations framework as well as several test extensions for Spring applications.  When he breaks away from writing software he loves backpacking in the Sierras and spending time with his twin daughters. 

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