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  • Mexico is one of the largest US trading partners. It is an economy not to be ignored and, especially, with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). It is a software market of high value to US companies.

    Program for the Development of the Software Industry in Mexico

    Sergio Carrera (bio), Director General, Commerce and Digital Economy, Ministry of Economy, the Republic of Mexico
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    Business Opportunities in Mexico

    Jesus Orta (bio), Director, Digital Economy, Ministry of Economy, the Republic of Mexico

    Perspectives for the Software Industry in Mexico

    Jorge Zavala (bio), President, Kiven, Mexico City
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    About the Presenters


    Sergio Carrera, Director General, Commerce and Digital Economy, Ministry of Economy, the Republic of Mexico

    Sergio Carrera has served in the Ministry of Economy for over 13 years. Currently he serves as Director General of Domestic Commerce and Digital Economy. Mr. Carrera earned his degree in Economics from the National University of Mexico. He also has a graduate diploma in Management and Development of Franchise Systems, Public Finances and Advanced Management of Public Entities.

    He is very active in participating in public policy. During his administration, Mr. Carrera has worked in several projects focused on the development of communication and information technologies in both the public and the private sectors. Some of the projects he has led in this field include:

    • Reengineering of the National System for Market Information and Integration.
    • Official Mexican Standard for Data Message Conservation.

    Currently, Mr. Carrera is in charge of leading the Program for the Digital Economy Development. He also leads the Program for the Development of the Software Industry, whose objectives are to support the development and use of information technologies in Mexico.


    Jesus Orta, Director, Digital Economy, Ministry of Economy, the Republic of Mexico

    Jesus Orta holds a B.A. in Economics from the Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico; and a M.A. in Economics from El Colegio de Mexico. Mr. Orta has worked in both the financial and the public sectors. Before joining the Ministry of Economy, he was a Corporate Credit Risk Analyst for the IT sector in Grupo Financiero Banorte.

    In the Ministry of Economy, he first served as adviser in the Under Secretary of Domestic Commerce on topics such as macroeconomic analysis and e-commerce. Afterwards, he was appointed Deputy Director of Electronic Commerce and Financing, and collaborated in the Program for Training and Modernization of Retail Commerce.

    He has extensive experience in the area of trade facilitation, as well as in the retail and wholesale commercial sectors. He was a Director of Commercial Infrastructure, where he coordinated the Program for the Improvement of Food Commercialization, the Domestic Commerce Information System and the Modernization of the Wholesale Commercial Sector.

    Currently, he is Director of Digital Economy in the Ministry of Economy. In this position, Mr. Orta is responsible for coordinating the governmental strategies to promote electronic commerce in Mexico, the Program for the Development of the Software Industry and the government's e-economy subsystem workgroup within the e-Mexico National System.


    Jorge Zavala, President, Kiven, Mexico City

    Jorge Zavala is founder and CEO of Kiven, S.C., a company that develops business solutions with focus in corporate communications, business solutions integration and electronic commerce. Prior to founding Kiven in 1998, he was a researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas in the areas real time process control and automation systems. He is a founding member of the Knowledge Management and Innovation Association (ADDCOIN), Consorcio 1 and member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. Mr. Zavala holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Universidad La Salle in Mexico City and a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.


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