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    We predict virtually every business (as well as every nonprofit, church, and political campaign) will add at least one and probably several collaboration and community solutions in the next five years.

    It's been shown that users provide each other better tech support than companies provide, and the more progressive companies have already put discussion software on their sites to enable their users to do just that.

    How long will it take before cruise lines and travel sites give their guests the opportunity to plan their trips, share best destinations and ports, and ask earlier guests what to see via discussion boards and wikis?

    How long before ALL manufacturers enable users to endorse their products (as well as share suggestions and ideas) online? It had better not be long, because many people do all their buying based on user endorsements these days.

    How long before health clubs let members form affinity groups and find tennis, racketball and golf partners through the club? It had better be soon, or they'll go elsewhere where it's easier to get up a game!

    Community and collaboration software is going to be everywhere -- and already ought to be!

    How to choose the right wikis, discussion boards, community conversation and membership facilitation tools and where to apply them is the topic. We will show the impact of making those decisions well by telling the story from the vantage point of implementers -- organizations that have implemented community and collaboration software and experienced profound impact.

    Join us at our panel discussion to hear how implementers in business, politics (the Howard Dean campaign!) and nonprofit groups made their organizations successful with this software!

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    Program Chair:
    Ron Lichty, Director of Technology, Avenue A |Razorfish


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    SDForum Software Architecture & Modeling (SAM) SIG



    Eugene Eric Kim, (bio) Cofounder and principal, Blue Oxen Associates

    Panelists: Tony Christopher, (bio)Founder of Digital Places
    Sylvia Marino, (bio) Community Manager,
    Zack Rosen, (bio) Founder and Director of CivicSpace Labs
    Scott Wilder, (bio)Group Manager, and Intuit, Inc.


    Speaker Bios


    Eugene Eric Kim

    Eugene Eric Kim is the cofounder and principal of Blue Oxen Associates, a think tank / consultancy focused on improving collaboration. He has developed collaborative strategies for a number of organizations, focusing especially on inter-organizational collaboration and collaborative learning. He is also a thought leader in the collaborative tool space and has helped pushed the evolution of these tools in more productive directions. Previously, Kim worked closely with computer pioneer Doug Engelbart, who currently serves on the Blue Oxen Associates advisory board. He has written for a variety of publications.

    Kim received his A.B. in History and Science from Harvard University.


    Tony Christopher

    Tony Christopher is the founder of Digital Places, a consultancy focused on enhancing group collaboration through web-based tools and organizational processes. He has led teams in developing the technology for and deploying collaborative online services for Fujitsu, Apple Computer, NASA, the FAA and a surviving In executive management roles in online service businesses, he has led marketing, software development and customer support teams. Christopher is currently pivotal to a government / industry confab that is re-designing the National Airspace System (NAS). He's leading the team of 15 facilitators responsible for enabling the 200 government and private industry participants to collaborate online. Roles in other recent government-industry programs have given him opportunity to identify knowledge management requirements and architect, develop and deploy collaboration solutions.

    Earlier, Christopher led technology development and operational management as VP Production for an award winning project management web service. In the mid 90’s he was Executive Director of the creation and operation of Fujitsu's popular consumer online community, WorldsAway. Early in the personal computer era, he was the founding Product Manager for AppleLink, Apple Computer's visionary extranet service that connected its employees with its dealers, developers and corporate accounts. AppleLink was renowned for the 400% annual ROI it returned to Apple and for its role as the intellectual inspiration for Quantum Computer Corporation's 1987 service: America Online.

    Christopher earned his BA from Columbia University and MBA from Stanford University.


    Sylvia Marino

    Sylvia Marino oversees community content programming, business analysis, tools design, integration and member management at The popular online automotive community at the research and enthusiast site has been in existence since 1997 making it one of the oldest and largest aggregate automotive communities on the internet.

    Marino has been a manager, advisor, developer, and designer of community systems for over ten years and an active participant in online communities since the late 1980's. She was a founding member of one of the earliest web-based community software companies, WeLL Engaged providing software and management services to companies such as E*TRADE, CBS SportsLine, Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Oracle and Adobe.

    Marino has served as the Chair for VirComm - Virtual Communities Conference in the U.S. (2001) and Co-Chair for the International Virtual Communities Conference (1998, 1999, 2000). She has also been a featured guest on CNN regarding online community issues.

    Marino holds a BA from Beloit College and resides with her husband and three children in Mill Valley, CA.


    Zack Rosen

    Zack Rosen is the founder and director of CivicSpace Labs, a non-profit building open-source community organizing tools. He kicked off the "DeanSpace" volunteer open-source development project for the Dean campaign last year during his summer break from the University of Illinois.He then took a job at the Dean campaign head-quarters to work as a web-developer and technical volunteer coordinator. He was responsible for servicing the web-technology needs of the state campaign offices, constituency groups, and grassroots web developers.

    After the campaign ended he received funding to continue the project on and create CivicSpace Labs. CivicSpace software is currently in beta testing but is already being used by over two-hundred organizations. You can learn more about Rosen and CivicSpace at


    Scott Wilder

    Scott Wilder heads up several of QuickBooks websites at Intuit. He is responsible for spearheading Intuit's decision to participate in online community space. Before joining the company, he held senior direct marketing and product marketing and development positions at KBtoys/eToys,, Apple Computer, America Online, and American Express. He has been working on Business-to-Consumer communities since the early 1990s.

    Wilder has an MBA from New York University and an M.A. in International Affairs from The Johns Hopkins University. He also practices a few other careers on the side, such as Leadership Coaching and Training and designing toys for kids.




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