Voice SIG: How To Eliminate the Voice Application Bottleneck



  • Come hear Danny B. Lange of Vocomo Software Corporation on how we can eliminate the Voice application bottleneck.



    Danny B. Lange, CTO & Founder - Vocomo Software Corp.

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    Presentation Overview

    How To Eliminate the Voice Application Bottleneck

    There is something challenging about voice applications. They are hard to design, difficult to implement and test, bothersome to integrate and deploy, and finally, challenging to track and fine-tune. Unfortunately, there is so much art involved in the creation of successful voice applications. We see this as a voice application bottleneck. The emergence of VoiceXML is fortunate and a step in the right direction. But is it enough? At Vocomo we do not think so. To truly remove the application bottleneck you will need much more than online VoiceXML development studios. Our research has led to an integrated technological and methodological framework that enables rapid creation of high-quality voice applications that are easier to design, modify, and maintain. Vocomo’s solution provides a complete end-to-end solution for the entire life-cycle of a voice application – from early-stage design to in-service reporting.


    About the Presenter

    Danny B. Lange

    Dr. Danny B. Lange, CTO and founder of Vocomo Software Corp., is recognized in the industry as a leading proponent of the VoiceXML standard and as an expert in voice solutions. As CTO of General Magic, he was instrumental in building the architecture for the company’s VoiceXML-based architecture. Through his work on General Motor’s OnStar Virtual Advisor, Dr. Lange provided the foundation for the development of one of the largest telematics voice applications and fee-based consumer services in the voice market. Dr. Lange is also widely known for his invention at IBM of the Java aglet, a lightweight mobile agent for the Java programming environment. In addition to his agent work, he has contributed in the areas of hypertext, object-oriented database modeling, and program visualization. He has several patents to his credit, has presented his work at leading conferences, published articles in many journals, and has co-authored a book. Dr. Lange was a visiting scientist at IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory from 1993-1997. Dr. Lange holds MS and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the Technical University of Denmark.


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    Cubberly Community Center

    4000 Middlefield Rd., Room H-1

    Palo Alto, CA


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