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  • Meet the Engineers Behind BEA WebLogic Server 8.1

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    Come chat with the experts and learn about the newest features on WLS 8.1! First 25 people that register receive the book, "BEA WebLogic Platform 7" by Jatinder Prem (published 2003).

    Sponsored by BEA and SDForum.

    Presentation - Vadim Rosenberg, WLS Team
    Demo - Cedric Beust

    Panelists: - Cedric Beust - Developer Tools - Chris Fry - Web Services and XML - Rob Woollen - EJB Container and Performance

    Vadim will introduce WebLogic Server 8.1 and cover its major new features and areas of enhancement. As a part of his presentation, Vadim will run a couple of demos that highlight such areas as domain and cluster configuration, security, Web Services interoperability, and also will introduce the new sample end-to-end J2EE and Web Services application available with the latest release of WebLogic Server.

    We encourage you to take this opportunity to engage in a relaxed, informal Q&A with other WLS developers and the engineers behind WebLogic Server.

    Panelist Bios

    Cedric Beust Cedric is a senior software engineer in the BEA WebLogic Server team. He holds a PhD in computer science and specializes in distributed computing and graphic user interfaces. Over the years, he has been involved in CORBA, C++, Java, EJB and some other technologies that he is ashamed to confess. These days, he spends most of his time trying to create tools so that software developers can make a decent living and still have a life.

    Chris Fry Chris Fry has been working on the Web Services container since 6.0, he also leads the streaming parser JSR 173 and is the architect of the XML streaming api inside the server. He is currently the lead of the XML & Web Services team.

    Vadim Rosenberg Vadim Rosenberg is a Product Manager for BEA WebLogic Server. Before joining BEA, he spent 13 years in business software engineering, most recently at Compaq Computers (Tandem Division) developing a fault-tolerant and highly scalable J2EE framework.

    Rob Woollen Rob Woollen is a Staff Engineer at BEA Systems Inc. He joined BEA in 1998 and led the EJB 2.0 and JDBC RowSet development teams. Rob is a co-author of J2EE Applications and BEA WebLogic Server and holds a BSE in Computer Science from Princeton University.


    Event Logistics


    Cubberley Community Center, Room H-1
    4000 Middlefield Road
    Palo Alto, CA


    6:00-6:30pm Registration/reception
    6:30-8:30pm Program
    8:30 - 9:00 Q&A



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