Ideas to Results: Articulating your Value Proposition



  • Learn how to uncover the gems about your business and talk about them in a way that makes investors and customers sit up, listen, and take the next step... do the deal!

    "The most common problem we see among entrepreneurs is the inability to effectively communicate their idea. I encourage those looking for funding to attend a seminar on this very important skill."
    - Brian Goncher, Partner, Crystal Internet Venture Partners

    Dan Sapp, (bio), Dan Sapp & Associates, Inc.
    Thomas Halle (bio), Panalign Partners

    When you pitch your business, do investors and customers sit up and listen? During your presentation, do you get interest, questions and a date for your next meeting? Come learn how to clearly define what you do, who you do it for and why your audience would buy. It doesn't matter how great the features are if you can't share them in a way that motivates the person with the checkbook.

    You know you have a great product or technology, but it's a rare skill to be able to communicate it to others in a way that inspires them. This is an important skill, and is one of the most common areas for improvement among entrepreneurs. This seminar is designed for early-stage founders, executives and business development professionals of technology ventures who speak to decision-makers, whether they be VCs, potential customers or strategic partners.

    You will leave this seminar with:

    • an understanding of what's great about your business from an investor or buyer perspective
    • a process to define your venture's core value proposition
    • an understanding the different messages you must use for different audiences
    • the knowledge of how to get results when speaking to a variety of audiences

    Speaker Bios


    Dan Sapp, Dan Sapp & Associates, Inc.

    Dan Sapp brings over ten years of consulting and professional coaching to Dan Sapp & Associates. For the five years prior to forming his own firm, Dan worked for a national firm internationally recognized leader in communication skills and professional development. His work there included individual and team presentation preparation as well as facilitating skill building workshops. Since founding Dan Sapp & Associates, his clients have included senior executives from Infoseek, Knoll, Microsoft, Ernst and Young, Foote, Cone and Belding as well as a number of technology start up firms.

    With a masters degree in clinical psychology and a specialization in sport psychology, Dan has a unique perspective on behavior and performance. In the mid 1980’s, Dan was a pioneering personal fitness trainer and conditioning coach. His clients ranged from business executives to world class athletes. Dan Sapp & Associates brings all of Dan’s professional and academic experience together to help executives get the results they want every time they speak.


    Tom Halle, Panalign Partners

    Tom is a seasoned business and technology strategist with a thorough knowledge of current and historical market models, and a facility in leading groups through difficult concepts. Expertly combining these disciplines, he reveals underlying patterns and key elements of strategic and operational advantage to the leaders of rapid-growth technology ventures.

    Tom's skills have been sharpened by two decades in diverse professional roles - programmer, IT director, controller, entrepreneur, consultant, teacher, speaker, and writer - across a broad range of business models. He has worked with over 500 companies, large and small, on business and technology strategy.

    Event Logistics


    8:30-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast
    9:00-11:30am Interactive Seminar


    SDForum Center
    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95113


    Seminar Track

    Financing: Startup Stage Businesses


    Cost (Continental Breakfast Included)
    $49 SDForum Members
    $99 Non-Members

    Pre-registration unavailable. Please pay at the door.