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Breakthrough 2001 Conference Day 1



  • Explore the roadmap of the Next Economy and learn the guiding principals behind building a successful business.

    Hosted by: Startups.com
    Co-sponsored by: SDForum

    An invitation-only event for executives of high growth ventures determined to succeed in the next economy, the Breakthrough 2001 Conference is a meeting of the minds-, the joining together of venture capitalists, premier service providers, accomplished entrepreneurs, industry moguls and titans.

    It's brought to you by Startups.com. The only company whose experience, expertise, and connections reach the buy side and the sell side of the high growth venture marketplace.

    SDForum Members are eligible for VIP discount.

    To register go to http://www.startups.com/breakthrough/registration.jsp, click on "Click here if you have been given a special access code from Startups.com". Enter the following:
    Username: breakthrough2001
    Password: vipreg
    (note – it is case sensitive)

    For details on location, agenda, cost and registration see the Breakthrough 2001 Conference website.

    If you have questions, contact Katie Madden at Startups.com.