SDForum's "Kick Start Your Startup" Workshop



  • SDForum’s “Kick Start Your Startup” Workshop
    Tuesday, November 2, 2010
    Palo Alto, CA



    This workshop is for serious startup entrepreneurs in the process of developing their business plan and/or wanting to grow their company so that they can maximize their chances of attracting an outside investor for the first time.

    You may attend the morning and/or afternoon sessions. In the morning, you will learn how to organize your financials, learn how to craft a legal framework and analyze and size a new market opportunity. During lunch you will pitch to the group. In the afternoon, you will work on developing a compelling pitch and listen to successful entrepreneurs.

    Please come with your 60 second pitch and your chance to be one of three selected to pitch to the panel of VCs at the end of the day.. If you attend the full day, you will learn how to organize your financials and perfecting your pitch before running the funding gauntlet.  The event will conclude with a wine reception.

    Just Added!
    To all registrants, Nathan Gold, is offering an audio crash course on how to design, script, and deliver your 1-minute pitch at this workshop. More details upon completion of registration.



    Registration and Continental Breakfast - Morning Session "Building Blocks"


    Crafting a Fundable Financial Roadmap
    As an entrepreneur, steering your startup on the financial path to success needs an effective financial roadmap and a thorough understanding of how it will unfold over the next five years. In this presentation, Anthony Nassar, Founder and Principal, Venture Momentum, will share a systematic methodology for developing a robust financial model.


    Morning Break


    Crafting a Due Diligence-Ready Legal Framework
    Curtis Mo of DLA Piper will help entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes they make when managing the legal aspects of their startup. In this workshop you will learn techniques and best practices in building and maintaining a due diligence-ready legal framework.


    Assessing and Sizing Your Market Opportunity
    One of the top reasons for a new product failure is inadequate market analysis, yet most entrepreneurs bypass this step. Sean Murphy of SKMurphy will convey key steps to analyze and size a new market opportunity.


    Afternoon Session: "The Pitch"
    Registration for the afternoon will begin at 12:00pm


    Working Lunch - Pitching to the Group
    15 one-minute elevator pitches presented, with the top 3 chosen to pitch to the final panel at 3:45pm.


    Developing a Compelling Pitch: 13 Slides that will Hook Investors
    Nathan Gold, Founder of The Demo Coach will lead this interactive session on the “infamous”13 slide presentation.


    Afternoon Break


    Entrepreneur Panel
    A panel of successful startup entrepreneurs will share their experiences, challenges and insights into building and securing funding for their ventures and engage in an interactive Q&A session.
    Confirmed Panelists include:
    Roland Acra, Arch Rock
    Nagesh Challa, Ecrio
    Ralph Marx, Advocate Systems, Inc.
    K.V Rao, Zuora
    Moderated by: Susan Lucas-Conwell, SDForum


    Investors Panel : The Voice of Experience
    A panel of early stage investors will share their experiences, challenges and insights into building and securing funding. They will also listen to pitches and engage in an interactive Q&A session.
    Panelists Include:
    Ben Narasin, TriplePoint Ventures
    Neal Hansch, Rustic Canyon Partners
    Anurag (Anu) Nigam, Sand Hill Angels
    Chris Yeh, PBWorks
    Moderated by: Candace Vaughn, Frank Rimerman + Co., LLP.



    Wine Reception