Engineering Leadership SIG: Thinking Strategically - A Survival Skill for Today's Technic



  • Title: Thinking Strategically - A Survival Skill for Today's Technical Leaders

    Brief Description: Technology lies at the heart of every enterprise today however technology leaders are often seen only as brilliant geeks and implementers of "some great business idea" . Smart businesses should see them as business partners and strategists and my personal experience as to how these shifts can be made easily and have technology leaders be recognized as business leaders as well.

    Speaker: Shampa Banerjee, VP Engineering , Socialtext Inc.

    Bio: Shampa Banerjee is Vice President of Engineering at Socialtext. She leads the Socialtext engineering and product management teams, driving an agile iteration process that delivers innovative enhancements to Socialtext's social software platform.
    Before joining Socialtext, she served as Vice President of Products at TipTop Technologies, an early stage start-up focusing on social search for the real-time Web. Banerjee's previous positions include Vice President of Engineering and Product Management at Gullivergo, an online service for students studying abroad, Chief Operating Officer at Meevee, an internet video start-up company, Chief Technology Officer of Ziff Davis Media, and several leadership roles at AOL/Netscape.

    Before moving into the high tech arena, Banerjee was an academic physicist and has a PhD in Particle Physics