Engineering Leadership SIG: Exploration of Tools for Program, Resource and Portfolio Management




    TITLE: Exploration of Tools for Program, Resource and Portfolio Management

    Have you struggled in your company to manage all the projects hitting your development teams? Are you desperate to learn about tools capable of managing your company's entire project portfolio and the internal resources that can be deployed against those projects?

    Join us to hear from a panel of seasoned practitioners who can discuss the tools they have found and the benefits those tools are delivering to their teams and their organizations. Also, how they're still deficient - where they could be better - how they change the challenges and bring the next need into focus.

    Discussion points include:

    • RESOURCING: shared resources, resource management, dozens of developers with hundreds of tasks coming at them weekly
    • PRIORITIZING: prioritizing tasks and projects, focusing on "doing the right things, not just on doing things right"
    • SCHEDULING: interdependencies among projects and shared requirements, managing boundaries between teams, synchronizing and sequencing releases, planning, scheduling, and estimating for scores of products / hundreds of custom projects
    • MANAGING EXECUTION: having visibility into which projects and tasks are getting resources - and which ones are not, meeting schedule commitments, metrics , predictability


    • Saood Shah heads professional services for GraceNote / Sony, where he uses Salesforce to manage resource contention across lots of customer projects.
    • Shawn McKay heads the GraceNote / Sony PMO, where she has deployed Microsoft Project Server to manage lots of developers working on product development.
    • Ketan Bhatia heads the Yahoo! PMO, where he relies on Mariner to manage projects and resources.


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