Engineering Leadership SIG: Agile Software Development Methodologies



  • Topic: Up Close and Personal - Real World Stories about Agile Software Development Methodologies

    Rob Myers has been recently working on a variety of larger, multi-team Agile transitions, and will share some stories of what worked well, what went very badly, and how to avoid many of the pitfalls of transitioning multiple teams towards Agile software development methodologies.  This will be primarily derived from first-person experience: there will be few actual metrics, and little (if any) Death By PowerPoint.  Time will be set aside for follow-up discussions.

    If you want to get a head-start, some of these discoveries were listed (sans juicy details) in the following article:
    Rob Myers is founder of Agile Institute and a founding member of the Agile Cooperative. For 12 years, Rob has played a pivotal role in many successful Agile, Scrum, and Extreme Programming (XP) projects. He has 25 years of professional experience on software development teams, and has consulted for leading companies in the aerospace, government, medical, software, and financial sectors. Through Agile Institute and the Agile Cooperative, Rob teaches a variety of courses, including Essential Test-Driven Development, and Essential Agile Testing. Every course is infused with deep technical experience and techniques for preserving sanity in the workplace.