SPOTLIGHT: Emerging Technology Trends - What's Next?



  • Join us as we go directly to the source and ask industry-leading technologists for their opinions on the next big market opportunities.



    Pat Selinger, Ph. D. (bio)

    IBM Fellow, Director of Database Integration, IBM Software Solutions

    Craig Silverstein (bio)

    Director of Technology, Google

    Jay M. Tenenbaum, Ph. D. (bio)

    Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, CommerceOne



    Darby Williams (bio)

    Executive in Residence at SDForum

    Co-sponsored by Stanford Engineering Alumni Relations


    Event Overview

    Let’s face it. 2001 was not the tech sector’s best year. Earnings took a nosedive, and the outlook for the industry was unclear. Yet slow economic times are when companies focus on innovation, R&D in order to be well positioned when the economy turns. Proprietary technology is once again the cornerstone of new business, bringing focus to universities and research labs throughout Silicon Valley.

    What will emerge out of this chaos? Who will be best positioned to win? Where are the best opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship?

    Join us as we go directly to the source and ask industry-leading technologists for their opinions.

    Some of the questions the panel will discuss are:

    • What will be key software technology trends?
    • How would they be applied to solve customer problems?
    • What will differentiate companies that will win?
    • Where would be best opportunities for start-up companies?

    Grab this opportunity to come hear industry experts discuss future trends and identify the next wave of opportunities.


    About the Panelists


    Pat Selinger, Ph. D.

    Pat Selinger established and manages IBM's Database Technology Institute, whose mission is to accelerate technology into IBM's database products. An IBM Fellow, she has received a number of IBM awards for her contributions to relational databases, distributed databases, distributed data architecture and DB2 Universal Database. She has published over 40 papers in the database field and was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology in 1990 and the National Academy of Engineering in 1999.

    Author of the industry's first relational query optimizer paper, "Access Path Selection in a Relational Database Management system," Selinger's work is the world's most cited in database publications. Today, the optimizer technology from her research is the basis for every relational database in the multi-billion dollar database software industry.


    Craig Silverstein

    Craig Silverstein is currently on leave from Stanford University, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science, with a focus on information retrieval and data mining. Silverstein contributed his expertise in compression algorithms to Google while it was still a research project at Stanford. Silverstein graduated with honors with a bachelor's degree in computer science from Harvard College, from which he also received Phi Beta Kappa distinction, the Microsoft Technical Scholarship, and twice received the Derek Bok Award for Teaching Excellence. He was the first employee hired at Google by the company's founders.


    Jay M. Tenenbaum, Ph. D.

    Dr. Tenenbaum was the founder and CEO of Enterprise Integration Technologies, the first company to conduct a commercial Web transaction (1992) and Internet auction (1993). He also founded and chairs the industry association CommerceNet, with nearly 600 corporate members worldwide. In 1997, he cofounded Veo Systems, the company that pioneered the use of XML for automating business-to-business transactions. Dr. Tenenbaum joined Commerce One three years ago when it acquired Veo Systems. As Chief Scientist, he has been instrumental in shaping the company's business and technology strategies for the Global Trading Web.


    About the Moderator


    Darby Williams

    Darby is the SDForum’s first Executive-in-Residence, assisting entrepreneurs increase the probability of starting, funding and building sustainable companies. He is a marketing expert in technology-based businesses, having spent six years in marketing and product management at Microsoft. While there, Darby led the Windows multimedia revolution with the establishment of the Multimedia PC standard (better known as "MPC"), leading to ubiquitous adoption of audio and video capabilities in PCs. Darby then became Microsoft's first “Ambassador” to Silicon Valley, where he achieved broad-based developer support for the launch of Windows 95 and developed Microsoft's first Entrepreneurs' Program to foster innovation around Microsoft systems technologies.

    Darby is also an experienced entrepreneur, having founded and run two startup companies -- Breakaway Technologies, a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, and, an online provider of high quality mealkits and complete dinner solutions. Darby was also the Director of Computer Applications Marketing at Atari, and a senior consultant in the strategy management practice at Booz Allen & Hamilton.


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