Emerging Tech SIG: From Business Intelligence to Action Intelligence; the Past, Present and Future of Data Analytics



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    Title: From Business Intelligence to Action Intelligence; the Past, Present and Future of Data Analytics


    Data is moving from the human scale to the machine scale. We are just beginning to understand the benefits and challenges associated with the explosion of machine-generated data. Every server, building, store, and device generates a continuous stream of ever changing information. Historically, big data analytic systems required storing data for later batch analysis and manual modeling by a human expert. This meant insight from the data was not available for immediate feedback, but only after days, weeks or months, resulting in a significant loss of opportunity. Real-time solutions, such as Complex Event Processing (CEP) systems were developed to  allow data to become actionable in real-time or near-real-time.  Although this drastically reduced the reaction time to changing data, it did not provide any insight into the future.

    Grok leverages the way that people think about and benefit from their data. Based on biologically-inspired machine learning technology first described in co-founder Jeff Hawkin's book, On Intelligence, Grok automatically learns the patterns in your data, builds models, predicts the next values in the sequence and detects anomalies. Grok’s unique approach expands the capabilities for companies that have data scientist teams and those that don’t.

    Rather than the traditional threshold-based alerting, Grok can also predict what’s going to happen next to change the paradigm – no longer will you be reacting to your data, you can be proactively taking action on the future of your information.

    In this presentation, Grok solution engineering head Jared Casner will talk about how the landscape of data is evolving and how companies embracing data explosion movements like the Internet Of Things are positioning themselves to turn data streams into dollars. 

    Speaker: Jared Casner, Director of Solution Engineering at Grok

    Jared Casner is the Director of Solution Engineering at Grok, the leader in biologically-inspired machine intelligence software solutions. Mr. Casner brings a decade of expertise in customer engagement, professional services and enterprise integrations. He leads the company’s post-sales engineering efforts, supporting Grok’s partners and customers in the integration of Grok. 

    Prior to joining Grok, he oversaw the technical consulting team across Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Aprimo, a Teradata company.  Before that, as a technical consultant at Sapient, he spent a number of years writing custom software for the US government.  Jared started his career at Visa as a research analyst. 

    Jared holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Denver and an MBA from the University of Colorado.


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