East Bay Series: Proving to Investors the Dogs will Eat Your Dog Food



  • Demonstrating real market traction—dogs eating your venture’s dog food—tops the list of important benchmarks investors require to fund startups. How can you demonstrate convincing customer traction? How much traction--and what kind of success--will get investors excited? What proof do investors look for? Our panel of VCs and angel investors will explain the validation signals they seek from the marketplace as they invest in startups, and they’ll answer your questions on traction and its importance to funding your startup.


    5:30-6:30: Registration and Panel/Attendee Networking

    6:30-6:35: Welcome, Announcements and Moderator/Panel Introductions

    6:35-7:50: Panel Discussion with Audience Q&A

    7:50-8:00: Closing Remarks and Announcements

    8:00-8:30: Panel/Attendee Networking