Digital Media SIG: Multi-Touch and Multi-User: A Gestural Interface Workshop



  • Topic: Multi-Touch and Multi-User: A Gestural Interface Workshop
    Within one year, gestural interfaces such as touch screens, track pads, and infrared tracking cameras reached mainstream adoption and reshaped the way we interact with computers of all kinds. The implications for devices, entertainment, and public spaces are vast.

    Multi-touch screens have been in use in specialized instances for a few years, especially in the museum sector, and in 2010 the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Open Exhibits, an open source multitouch SDK for Flash that is free for museums, students, nonprofits, and educational use. The Open Exhibits SDK (Core) is free for educational and non-commercial use. Commercial projects and work for hire requires GestureWorks in order to use Open Exhibits software, but the gesture library, templates, and modules are open source and free for commercial use.

    Templates allow novices to create their own floor or Web based-exhibits. Universal Modules allow more advanced developers to combine, branch, and write their own modules that can act as building blocks for new Exhibits.

    GestureWorks’ open source gesture library features over 200 gestures, far more than any other multitouch framework built for Flash. With this open source gesture library, developers can create applications that tilt in 3 dimensions, recognize characters, symbols, and shapes or even create your own gestures. A new utility, MT-Kinect, enables the development of multitouch applications with the Microsoft Kinect that use gesturing rather than direct touches.

    Basic modifications to the code and content can be done by editing a simple XML text file, making development rapid and accessible even for non-programmers. In this session, learn the basic structure of Open Exhibits and how it can be used to create impressive interactive content, across a variety of devices.


    6:30 PM Registration and Networking

    7:00 PM -8:40 PM Presentations